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Me and my little blog get an award....

What do you wear to an award ceremony when you are accepting an award??  Obviously you don't want to trip as you pick up your award, or reveal something risqué.  Actually, I don't need to worry about this as I can accept my award, sat here in my gardening clothes, at the laptop.

The lovely Malinda from "The Style Within" - A Perth based fashion and lifestyle blog - has nominated me for A Liebster Award.
The Style Within

The Liebster Blog Award is for bloggers and is awarded by other bloggers - it's a lovely way to find new blogs to enjoy and get your work recognised.

Once you've been nominated, there are a few rules to ensure that the wonderful news spreads across the web.

  1. Link back to recognise the blogger who nominated you (in my case, The Style Within)
  2. Answer ten questions given by the nominator
  3. Nominate ten other bloggers for the award
  4. Create ten questions for those nominees to answer
  5. Tell your nominees the great news
  6. and get yourself a Liebster Award button for your blog.
Now you get to have a laugh at my answers to Malinda's questions....

1. What are you passionate about?

This is an easy one for me!  I'm passionate about looking great on a budget.  I strongly believe you don't have to spend a fortune to look great - this philosophy is the linchpin of The Fashionable Mum Blog.

2. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

I hate mopping floors with a passion!  As soon as you've done them, a dog or kid always appears and makes them dirty again....

3. My favourite time of the year is.....?

In Perth, it is definitely Spring.  The temperature is just perfect and you get to break out all of those summer clothes that you bought at the end of season sales (or is that just me...?).

4. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would love to learn to play the piano!

5. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?

I once got mistaken for Julia Roberts.....I'm sure it is just the curly hair!

6. What was the last book or movie that made your tear up or cry?

I'm such a sook that I cry at pretty much everything!!!  I did rematch The Castaway with Tom Hanks recently and had a good blart at that.

7. High heels or flats?


8. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?

I wouldn't actually change it, but I wish that I'd used Victoria rather than Vicki when I was younger.  It'd be very odd asking people to call me Victoria now!

9. The best place you've been on holiday was.....?

The Maldives, for sure.  A perfectly magical place (pre-kids of course!!!)

10. What makes you a good person?

I'd like to think that I help my friends out when they need me.  I'm pretty good in a crisis too!

And without further ado, these are the ten blogs I'd like to nominate for an award.  They are all blogs I read on a regular basis and I hope you'll enjoy checking them out too!

1. Dannie from A Dose of Dannie
2. Erin from EdotCee
3. Jess from Essentially Jess
4. Katy from KatyPotaty
5. Vicki from Style On V
6.  Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors
7. Kirsty from Geelong Fashionista
8. Emily from Have a Laugh on Me
9. Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans
10.  Um, well, I don't have a number ten....sorry guys!

Here are my list of questions for all those lucky recipients listed above.

1.  What is your signature dish?
2.  If you could buy one item in multiple colours, what would it be?
3.  Are you a hoarder or a thrower-outer?
4.  Expensive shoes or expensive handbags?
5.  Are you a cat or a dog person?
6.  What makes you want to shout and swear at the TV?
7.  Which male celebrity makes you go weak at the knees?
8.  If you could own any one designer item what would it be?
9.  Are you a morning or an evening person?
10. What's your favourite track to drive to?

So there you go, folks, go and check out the blogs I've listed above - they're definitely all worth a shufty.

I'm looking forward to reading all the answers from my fellow bloggers - nothing like a bit of a nosy into people's lives!!


  1. Thanks for the nomination Vicki. I love your questions and hope to get them answered very soon. Keep doing what your doing because we love it!

  2. Thanks for nominating me Vicki. I loved reading your responses and will get cracking on my questions/responses too. Thank you! x

  3. Thank you so much for this award ... I don't have a long speech lol its been awhile anyway thanks again chookie :-) xxx

  4. Thanks for the nomination!! You're so kind.
    Loved your answers. I wouldn't mind getting mistaken for Julia Roberts. :)

  5. Thanks so much Vicki! Great answers, completely agree with the mopping Every. Single. Time!! And go you, Julia Roberts hehehe. Thanks for joining it, nice to get to know a bit more about you xxx Malinda

  6. Yes to the Maldives, like get me there NOW!!! I also hate the floors as kids are so mucky there's never really any point in mopping or cleaning but we still do! I need to look great on a budget, so will be keeping a closer eye on you. Thanks for the nomination, it's been ages since I got a Liebster and then I get two in one week. WOOHOO

  7. Great questions. I've been nominated twice in the last week, but both seem to have a different set of rules. I'm struggling to come up with nominees as everyone seems to have already been nominated.

  8. Thank you SO very much for nominating me, was such a lovely surprise!

    Loved getting to know you a bit better too xox


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