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Maxi || Day 28 of Restyle 2014

The end is nigh! Of Restyle anyway, and I'm happy to report that the last three shoots are some of my favourites.  

Day 31 is going to be the outfit we chose to donate back.  I'm not sure whether I'm going to be donating an entire outfit or just one particular piece that in hindsight was not a good choice for me!  Stay tuned and find out which it'll be in a few days time.

The benefit of shopping at op shops, apart from donating to fabulous charities, is that the things are so cheap you don't feel too bad if you end up donating them back.  I won't say I end up doing this a lot, but I certainly have done it!  I've also been guilty of picking up stuff and going "Ooh!  This nice!", only to then remember it was something I donated a few weeks back....oops.

The maxi dress in this shoot is definitely a keeper!  I didn't actually find that many maxi dresses at the Salvo Stores, but maybe that's because we were shopping in the winter.  

Maxi Dress, Salvos Joondalup, $7.25

You can't beat the beach for a great afternoon out, and we spent this one pottering around in the sand with the kids.  The beach is always almost deserted in the winter and yet the sunshine is still so glorious.

I"ll be back tomorrow with "texture" - and a few photos that prove you should never work with animals!


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