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Lace || Day 23 of Restyle2014

I thought it would be fun to do something a little different now we're into the home leg of Restyle, so I called up one of my favourites Salvos Stores and asked if they'd mind if we came and did a few photos.  The ladies at Osborne Park were more than accommodating, I fear, however that I look a little uncomfortable in some of these pics - I'm not a born performer and there were quite a few interested shoppers hanging around!

Khaki Dress, $4.25, Salvos Whitfords || Lace Cardigan, $7.25, Salvos Joondalup

This lace cardigan is from the 1980's judging from the label and did have full length sleeves.  The sleeves felt awkward and were just a bit too long to look elegant so I thought I'd hack them off adjust them.  The dress (or is it a skirt?) is from high street label Flower and was such a steal on half price yellow ticket day.  It works beautifully as a mid length skirt and I adore the tucks and pleats.

It was quite difficult to not actually buy anything else, even though I have all of my Restyle outfits now sorted.  There are always so many great bargains to be had at your local Salvos!

How did you get on with the lace prompt?  Salvos certainly had a lot of choice when I went to do this photo shoot, as you can see by the last pic!


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