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Knit || Day 17 of Restyle2014

Opshops are full of knits.  I'd decided that I wanted to find a cardigan for this prompt as I don't really wear knitted jumpers.  When you are ample chested, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to this with a chunky knit. However, a chunky cardigan is a great compromise.

This cardigan looks like it has seen better days.  However, that is actually the design.  It is made by Diesel and still had the tag of $295 when I bought it for $9.25 at Salvos Wanneroo.  The lady looked at me like this when I took it to the counter....

And then when I told her that it was supposed to be full of darned-up holes and yep, I was gonna wear it like that, she was like this....and called a couple of the other Salvos ladies to have a laugh at my expense too.

But, I like it.  It's different.  I haven't worn it again yet though, and I'm sure I'll get the same reactions from my friends.  All except one of them - Deb - you'll get it I'm sure!!!

I'm wearing just a simple pair of straight jeans and a silk cami which was also from Salvos.  In hindsight, I don't think the outfit needs the scarf, but it was really windy and I was a bit chilly....

Without further ado - I present the $295 cardigan that is full of holes.

Diesel Cardigan $9.25, Salvos Wanneroo || Jeans, Katies || Silk Camisole,  $7.25, Savlos Whiftords || Bag, Jaeger || Shoes, Birkestock || Scarf, Kmart

Photos || Paul Thompson, my darling hubbie
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I think it's no different from buying distressed jeans that already have holes in - what do you think?


  1. I think...I love it! What a bargain and it looks fabulous.

  2. Great! I have a few Diesel pieces too, thanks to when my sister worked there (score!) and they all look ragged and worn too. My husband always looks at me like "you are really going to wear that" when I pull these items out of my closet.


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