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Frame and Fortune (or actually not a fortune at all!)

I don't know how many of you know this about me - but I am as blind as a bat.  I may be being a little unfair to our leathery-winged friends there, but I am pretty short sighted.  I obviously wear contact lenses and occasionally I get tempted to buy myself new (aka cool) specs telling myself I'll wear them all the time and look awesome and hipster-ish.

A few hundred bucks later, the new glasses are to be found, slightly dusty, on my bedside table, used mainly for that "finding the toilet" moment first thing in the morning.

I was recently asked by online glasses company, Select Specs, to choose a pair of glasses from their Economy Range and review them on the blog.  I was astonished to find that some of the frames started at around $15 and included lenses!  WHAATTT???? Really?  Even the amazingly bargainous opticians that is Specsavers can't compete with those prices.

I chose the below pair and with postage to Perth the total cost was $26.86.

 The site provides all the measurements you need to size up whether the specs will fit your face ok (I have a big head - yep, I do - so needed to ensure the new glasses wouldn't look like I was wearing children's specs).  If you have a simple prescription, like me, ordering is super easy.  If yours is more complex, then you can get in touch with them and they'll help you order.

My new glasses took around 3 weeks to arrive and I have to tell you that I am over the moon with them.  They feel fabulous quality, the lenses are pretty thin despite my prescription, and I think they look pretty good on, too.  Friends will attest that I have actually "worn these out of the house", too!

What do you reckon??
Bespectacled me!

Littlest daughter doing her Cousin It impression!

Would you order your specs online?

 **I was gifted one pair of glasses by Select Specs from their Economy Range for the purposes of review.  All opinions and silly photos are all my own.


  1. Wow, they look great and very similar to my design pair for which I should've paid over $500 for but got a great discount with Private Med Insurance. Still not that good a deal though seeing as yours were a fraction of the cost!!! I can afford to wear a different pair each day now I know about Select Specs and will be checking them out as soon as I can. Thanks Vicki x

  2. Great glasses! I have a similar (designer) pair, but it's great to know there are some fabulous frames out there on a budget x

  3. OMG they're fabulous! Do you mind me asking what your prescription is and whether you got bigh index lenses?

    1. Thanks Arthur's mum!
      Amanda, my eyes are -2.75 and -3.25 and I just got the regular thickness lenses that are included in the frame price. It includes antiglare too!


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