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Gown || Day 16 of Restyle2014

Wow.  It took me such a long time to find something for this prompt.  Although Salvos had plenty of dresses to choose from, I just kept getting muddled up about what I wanted for my gown.  The word to me conjures up glamour and evening, so a shorter dress didn't seem right.  But then a maxi seemed every kind of wrong.  Ugh.  First world problems, hey?

Anyway, just last week, when I'd almost given up hope, I stumbled on this gem for an amazing $8.25.  It is a Roberto Cavalli for Target from 2012.  As I was writing this, I thought I'd see if I could find any other images of the gown online and came across this advert.  Great minds think alike, as I'd decided to style my dress with double gold cuffs, too.

My photographer husband decided it would be a great idea to shoot this look at King's Park. At Sunrise.  Oh my god.  It was so cold!  We had all three kids with us, togged up in jumpers, coats and beanies and I'm half naked.  So if I look a little goose bumpy in this photos, that's why.  I am thrilled with the photos though, so hat's off to husband.  He does have some great ideas (sometimes).

You can imagine that I've been out partying all night and I'm still up at dawn.  That is of course, ridiculous as the only time I'm up at dawn is to either walk the dogs or one of the kids has vomited in their bed.  Ho-hum.  We can only dream.

Photos || my ever patient husband, Paul Thompson

Restyle 2014 kindly supported by Lotterywest

You'll be pleased to know that none of us caught pneumonia on our early morning jaunt!  I'm off to check out everyone else's gowns - don't forget to use the hashtag #Restyle2014 so I can find them. 

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  1. You look amazing, and I want that gown so if you ever get sick of it ... ;-)


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