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Fringe || Day 27 of Restyle

Yeehaw!!!  Fringing is all a bit too Jessie The Cowgirl meets Boho Babe meets 1970's Porn Star for me.  BUT....

Apparently, fringing is going to be hot this summer, with designers sticking it on everything from shoes, to cocktail dresses to earrings without a hint of Country n Western in sight.

BCBG Cocktail Dress $269

So, I girded my loins and prepared to hunt down all things fringe-y at my most favourite Salvos.  I can tell ya, it wasn't easy!  There were a fair few shredded tees that would pass as fringed, but they were far too boho for me.

As I was just about giving up hope, my fabulous little partner-in-thrifting (9yr old son!) thrust a clutch bag under my nose, along with a golden fringed pendant.  We did a few fist punches in the air and merrily bought the two items and headed home.

It was only when we got home that I realised the clutch is actually a GHD carry pouch and came resplendent with some hair clips inside!  I was actually rather pleased with this and I'll be using it when we travel to store my well-loved straighteners.

The throw I'm wearing in these photos isn't actually an old horse blanket as a certain family member suggested, but a rather lovely sleeveless cardigan from Sportsgirl, via Salvos.

My dress is the perfect LBD that is Audrey, from The LBD, an online store that specialises in beautiful little black dresses.

Phew!  Only 3 more Restyle Outfits left then it's "the one I donate back" - any idea which one it might be yet??

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  1. Just love you in Audrey. You've styled this well. I'm not normally a fan of fringes but yours looks fantastic both the hair and the bag. :)


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