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Floral || Day 13 of Restyle2014

One thing I've learnt so far from Restyle, is that my personal style is actually fairly limited.  By that, I mean that on a good proportion of the prompts so far, I've thought "oh I don't wear pastels, floral, spots.......".  I was just about to say exactly the same about florals, but I thought I'd check my closet first.

It turns out that I do actually have a fair bit of floral, but they all have the same two common denominators - they are for my bottom half and/or they are dark florals.  So, I'm going to re-qualify:

"Oh, I don't wear pale or bright florals next to my face".

There, that is much more accurate. 

On to today's outfit.  Predictably, I've chosen a dark floral for my bottom half - I bet you didn't see that coming, eh?  This skirt is more botanical than floral if we're being pedantic, but I love the dirty green and can you just make out the dull gold sequins, too?  It seemed only right to team it with my biker style leather jacket and gladiator sandals with studs.

Floral Skirt, Salvos Whitford $7.25 || Leather Jacket, old || Gladiator Heels, Wittners

You didn't expect to come here and find me flouncing around in pastel petals with a flower crown on, now did you??


  1. Hi Vicki, have discovered you/your blog thru Instagram, great challenge, great looks

  2. This is a gorgeous look on you!

    1. Thanks Lauren, I'm enjoying following your restyle looks on Instagram too.

  3. Wicked shoes!!! I love a floral (or two or three or ...)

  4. That's a beautiful look, Vicki. I have a couple of jackets like that and I've seen heaps of similar skirts in the op-shops. Am going to give the combo a go.

  5. I love the skirt. I really didn't do floral until recently. I'll only do florals that aren't too floral, if you get what I mean. xx

  6. This is probably my all time favourite look on you xx

  7. I love it! What a beautiful skirt. Rachel x


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