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Embellished || Day 19 of Restyle2014

I had to look up in the dictionary what "embellished" actually meant.  I didn't really want to hunt down something studded with sequins or beads.  Apparently it means:

tr.v. em·bel·lishedem·bel·lish·ingem·bel·lish·es
1. To make beautiful, as by ornamentation; decorate.
2. To add ornamental or fictitious details to

Now, that makes life a LOT easier.  
The top that I am wearing came from Salvos at Balcatta (again!) - I'm a bit of a regular in this one now as it's right near my kids' school, so it's just too easy to pop in after I've dropped them off.  It is from Forever New and is pure silk.  The embellishment comes in terms of lace capped sleeves and pleating across the front.  It actually has a tie waist too but I've hidden that away.

My skirt started it's life off as an "infinity dress".  I was super excited when I scored this a few months ago at a Salvos stores, but less excited when I took it home and realised that every look I could create with it required the none-wearing of a bra.  This ain't gonna happen!

 So I took to it with my kid's craft scissors and hacked off the long wrappy bits from the top and a rather lovely heavyweight jersey midi skirt was born.  Chuffed.

Forever New Silk Blouse $925, Salvos Balcatta || Grey Skirt, Salvos Whitfords || Own items - coat (v old!) and heels as previous

Photos - my long suffering husband, Paul Thompson
Restyle 2014 - supported by Lotterywest

Tomorrow is one of my all time favourites - animal print!  Can't wait to see what you're all wearing.


  1. Love how you altered the dress Vicki! The dove grey is gorgeous on you as well. I found wearing the dress without a bra a little scary too, but actually the fabric was heavy and thick enough to support me xx H

  2. Looking very glamorous in this shoot mrs Thompson. Great idea to turn the dress into a skirt, it's very flattering on you


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