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Donate it Back || Day 31 of Restyle 2014

We made it!!  I'm so thrilled with how this month of Restyle has gone.  I've had loads of fun shopping (who wouldn't?) and styling the outfits.  Getting the photos done around family commitments was the biggest challenge but I think we did ok.

I've been pushed out of my comfort zone for a few of the prompts but most of the things I bought will be staying firmly planted in my wardrobe.  Except for this.....

I knew what I was trying to achieve with this outfit and I missed the mark by miles.  It was supposed to be a laid back "borrowed from the boyfriend" kind of look and it turned into a "fell into a bag of men's clothes and came out wearing this" look.  

I should've known that the knit wouldn't work on a larger than average chest and the shirt tails are out of proportion too.  The pants, though I do still love them, don't work with the jumper either.  

So it's back to Salvos for this merino sweater from JAG - sorry, love, it's not you, it's me.....

I really hope you've all enjoyed following our Restyle adventures over the last 31 days - it's been a hoot!  None of this would've been possible without our awesome sponsor, Lotterywest.  And don't forget that it's not over yet - us seven bloggers will be walking the runway TWICE in September wearing some of our favourite op shop finds, so check out the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival for details of when you can come and cheer us on - we'll need it!!!



  1. Congratulations Vicki, what an exciting month it has been. xxx

  2. Oooo I love the jumper. hope it ends up in my local op shop! :-)


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