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Cut-Outs || Day 8 of Restyle2014

Ok, cut-outs.  I'll freely admit that this prompt had me quaking in my leather-look leggings.  Cut-outs??  On a 40 (ahem!) year old mum?  Er, no, is probably the safest (and least offensive!) answer.  I wracked my Restyle-adled brain for a solution and my initial one was to try and find a top with maybe a cut-out back or similar.

Isn't it funny when you're opshopping, that you never actually find the thing you went in for.  You can find plenty of other awesome stuff, but not the thing you needed.  And so, on this day, I did indeed find something awesome.  A men's Hugo Boss tailored suit jacket. For $7.50 on Salvos half price colour day.

I didn't really have any idea what I was going to do with it, but it seemed like too good a buy to miss.

When I got it home, I had a flash of inspiration (or desperation, some may say), and decided to "cut out" the sleeves.  Geddit??  "Cut-out".  Apologies if I'm labouring the point!

Anyway, my first attempt was horrific.  I left in the shoulder pads and all of the linings and interfacing and the result was a vest more suited to a 1980's sitcom than a wannabe hipster like me.  So, things got drastic and I performed a full autopsy on the helpless jacket, leaving just the outer fabric and the silk lining.

 The result was much better!  I've been seeing pics on pinterest of oversize vests with jeans and the like so this is how I styled it.

What do you think??

Hugo Boss Jacket, Salvo Whitfords, $7.50 || Levi Denim Shirt, Salvo Joondalup $9.25 || Tee, Jeanswest || Jeans, Target || Skater shoes, The Iconic (current)

Thank goodness I didn't have to inflict any of you with images of me in cut out tops and skirts!  I hope you're happy with your outfit for Day 8 of Restyle2014?


  1. Such a clever idea! I've never thought of cutting the sleeves off a mens jacket, but it's such a great look! I'm definitely going to give it a go, now I just need to find my own $7.50 Hugo Boss jacket ;)

  2. This is a great idea! The jacket was a really good find!

  3. A good solution! This was a tricky prompt, I think a DIY job was good, as you are right in that finding something specific is not easy when op-shopping. xx Jenelle


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