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Cropped || Day 26 of Restyle2014

This was my face when I reached Day 26 of the Restyle calendar sent through to us bloggers back in July.....

CROPPED??  Really?  My mind raced as images of cropped tops and hot pants danced around my head.  Not. In. A. Million. Years.

But, of course, it didn't have to be as terrifying/mortifying as all that.  

These black cropped jeans are just the perfect length of spring.  A flash of ankle is always a good look and also (because you're showing the slimmest part of your left off) is very flattering too. 

I may be stretching the prompt a little by calling the cardigan's sleeves "cropped", but they're not long nor are they short so therefore I shall define them as cropped.  So there.

Cropped Jeans, Salvos $6.25 || Sheer Shirt, Salvos, $8.25 || Grey Cardigan, Salvos $7.25 

Are there any things you would just never wear?


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