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Collar || Day 3 of Restyle 2014

This was a tricky prompt for me - loads of things have collars, but how many things have collars?  I wanted something a bit different and when I saw the flash of trademark Burberry check peeking out of the rack at Salvos Balcatta, I knew I'd found my item.

I'm very careful about buying fake goods (I don't believe in them - they don't do anyone any good at all) so I checked this shirt over thoroughly and decided that, yep, it was the real deal.

With such a statement top the only thing to pair it with is a great pair of battered boyfriend jeans, et voila, the perfect Sunday lazy-girl outfit!

My jacket is also from Salvo - a snip at just over nine bucks.

Burberry shirt $7.13, Salvo Balcatta || Suede Jacket, $9.73, Salvo Greenwood || Boyfriend Jeans and Leopard Skate shoes, The Iconic 

I thought it would be a good idea to get a selfie of me and my husband who is my enthusiastic (!!) photographer for Restyle.  It didn't quite work out how we'd planned......

"Whose nostrils can you see the furthest up??"

 It was our wedding anniversary this weekend, so we celebrated with some great wine and food at The Laughing Barrel.

I can't wait to see how you got on styling your collar for Restyle!  Don't forget use the hashtag #Restyle2014 on social media so I can find your photos.

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  1. Nicely done! Haha you are both super cute. :) Good job. Happy anniversary! xx Jenelle


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