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Classic || Day 22 of Restyle2014

You could wear pretty much anything for this prompt and get away with it, I reckon.  I chose to go down my favourite route, and choose the classic striped tee.  This one is a great shape and was scored for just a few bucks at my local Salvos Stores.

You know the way that some women buy shoes or bags when they don't actually need to shop, but want something to cheer them up/destress them/distract them/all the other reasons we shop when we don't need to?  Well, I buy stripey tees.  I have quite a collection, mostly navy on white, as it's my favourite combo.

I've teamed this one from SABA with a pair of men's DKNY chinos, rolled up, and some sheeny, shiny cut-out brogues.

SABA Breton Tee, Salvos $4.25 || DKNY Men's Chinos, Salvos $3.75

What's your version of classic?

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