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Athletic || Day 24 of Restyle2014

You do not want to see what I look like when I'm actually being athletic.  I like to go for the odd run with my dogs along the beach so I'm normally splattered with sand and dog fur - not the look I wanted to channel today.

This pure linen dress was so unusual that I had to get it before deciding what prompt to wear it for.  The drop waist and the hood made me think that it looks quite sport and reminded me a little of the tennis dresses that ladies wore in the 1920's.  It's my favourite shade of grey and was so easy and comfortable to wear.

We had lots of fun at our local baseball nets messing around on this photo shoot.  I do not actually play baseball, but my son does, which therefore means I have to own a mitt so I can practice throwing with him.

Linen Dress, $9.25, Salvos (I forgot which one!!)

Ok, I probably wouldn't normally be wearing heels to play baseball with my son, but hey ho!

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