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Restyle2014 - some hints and tips for tackling those trickier prompts

I don't know about you, but I'm not a regular wearer of "gowns" during the day.  The word gown to me means a formal, full length dress - not the kind of thing you'll catch me rocking on the school run.  For me, it is probably the trickiest of all of the Restyle2014 prompts.

Luckily, "gown" doesn't rear its tricky little head until around half way through Restyle, so I've still got plenty of time to get this one nailed.  I've opshopped my little heart out at the fabulous Salvos around Perth and STILL haven't found a gown I'm happy with.  It's not like the Salvos don't have any, I just haven't found one yet that isn't -

  • too big,
  • too small,
  • too long,
  • too shiny!
  • too boobalicious,
  • too bridesmaid,
  • too 1980's (lots of these!),
  • and finally, too damn gown-y!
I may need a minor intervention before I finally find a gown I am happy with.

I do, however, have LOTS of tips on tackling some of the other trends which seem tricky on first inspection, but actually could be styled quite easily.


This needn't be dull, in fact, neutrals are one of my favourite colour palettes.  The tip to stop them looking bland is to either mix in some textures (wool, leather, cotton, jersey, twill, whatever) OR add a point of interest such as a great scarf or hat.


I am not a floral wearer - on me it looks mumsy and dated.  I think it may be my more voluptuous stature that turns it from cool into 1950's housewife.  To tackle this trend I decided that maybe I needed to look for a dark floral - the perfect option for a winter's day.


Fancy a bit of DIY?  This is where you can have a bit of fun with a basic shirt or jacket that you got from the Salvo.  Score yourself some studs, beads, diamantes or whatever takes your fancy and get embellishing those collars and lapels.

Where the Styled Things Are did a great job last year on a shirt....

And here's a few more ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

So what are you waiting for?  Get down to your local opshop and start scoring some great fashion AND donate to charity at the same time (what is not to love about that??!!!)

Which Restyle prompt are you most scared of?


  1. I am not happy with my denim options, and the animal print I may redo, but there is time. I wasn't keen on floral either as I don't wear it often, particularly not in colour. Cut outs was the most scary, but now I love what I came up with. Good luck, and I love what you have done with the header. xx Jenelle

  2. I picked up the most gorgeous ballgown-ish skirt from our local Salvos for $2! I wonder if something like that might be an option if you teamed it with a simple Tshirt or white shirt?

    I'm looking forward to 'casing' Restyle in a big way again this year, especially Jenelle ( and yourself.

  3. I am a bit scared of fringe! Makes me think of those awful fringed vests that I used to wear and think I looked like a fashionable hippie, whereas actually I looked like I had taken to my vest with scissors!

  4. Gown... Dressing gown?


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