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Restyle2014 and my charity - Salvos

I've always loved a good mooch round an opshop and Perth has some of the finest I've ever visited.  My favourite ones always seem to be Salvos, so I was thrilled when I was partnered with them for Restyle 2014. All of the other bloggers are working with similarly amazing charities, so be sure to check out their blogs this week for an update.

The Restyle2014 Prompt List!

Salvos (or The Salvation Army, to give them their full name!) are a charity who pride themselves in helping people find freedom.  Freedom from fear, poverty, and neglect.  Freedom to love, to follow dreams and to make a difference.  I love the broadness of their mission statement - it just about encompasses every one of us and that's such an important thing.

Salvos are not only about op shops - they help our community in so many other ways.

Providing aged care - The Salvation Army aged care facilities provide high quality care and resources for the older members of our communities.  On any day, over 3,400 people receive assistance from them.

Children's Services - they provide for kids in so many ways, including toys at Christmas, breakfast and homework clubs, youth recreation centres and so many more.

Chaplaincies - The Salvation Army provide counsel and comfort to those unfortunate enough to have been affected by disaster, crime and emergency.

The above is just a tiny snapshot of the services that The Salvation Army provide, and I have to be honest, I thought I knew the charity fairly well, but I was astonished at the amount of assistance they offer to our communities.  If you want to know more about Salvos, check out their website.

My role in Restyle 2014 is to shop exclusively at Salvos stores across Perth and come up with 30 outfits - one for every day of August.  Lucky me!  Salvos op shops always seem to have a huge choice of goods, including sections of brand new items, too.  I like to think I'm a pretty savvy op-shopper and my hint is to check out which colour labels are half price that week at Salvos and check those out first.  It's like super bargain central!

Salvos have a fabulous 46 op shops around Western Australia and all profits go to support the community projects run by The Salvation Army.  Volunteers are an integral part of the running of the Salvos Stores and there are over 2,500 volunteers currently.

I've visited rather a lot of Salvos over the past few weeks, and here are a few of my favourites.

Salvos, Whitfords - this large op shop is right on my doorstep and lucky me gets to drive past it at least twice a day.  It's really well organised and has a great selection of dresses.  If you're a bookworm they have a veritable library at the rear of the store.

Salvos, Balcatta - another big store and I've found some amazing treasures here. 

Salvos, Greenwood - one of the biggest op shops I've ever visited.  If you can't find what you need from this place, then it doesn't exist!

And don't forget to take all your unwanted treasures to your local Salvos - is it time you had a wardrobe clear out?

Share your favourite Perth opshop with me!


  1. Hi Vicki I have recently moved to Mandurah and love an Opshop mooch so will be watching with interest. Well done for supporting a great cause. The Salvos here rocks is so well organised and always packed.

  2. Thank you, and I hope you get to join in Restyle - you don't have to do every prompt, either, just the ones you think you can do! x


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