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If you like it then you should've wrote a blog on it - New Season Jumpsuits

They're not exactly new news, but jumpsuits are suddenly hot again, with all the high street stores sneaking them into their early spring collections.

Just because we're talking spring doesn't mean I'm going all pastels on your ass - I'm still having a major monochrome moment, so all my jumpsuits picks are black, grey or denim.  BUT, that's not to say they won't look hot when the weather warms up - team a basic black jumpsuit with ugly sandals for day and strappy heels for night and you've got a match made in heaven.

A couple of styling tips for the uninitiated-
  • if you're between sizes, size up - there's nothing worse than a jumpsuit working it's way up where the sun don't shine every time you sit down.
  • try before you buy - some jumpsuits (like the Chambray one from Mix apparel) don't unbutton right the way down to the waist and may require some extreme Yoga poses to get them on and off.
  • they're great in the daytime with flats, but really amp up an evening look with heels and a statement necklace.

Here are my high street picks, all under $100 a pop - except the Sussan one, but they have such great (and frequent!) sales, I doubt if you'll have to pay full price for it.

ASOS || $35.29

ASOS || $49

Katies || $69.95

Millers || $39

Mix Apparel || $39

Chambray || Mix Apparel || $39

Strapless || Mix Apparel || $29

Sussans || $129

Target || $40

And finally, a few styling ideas a la Pinterest....

Is a jumpsuit on your hit list for Spring?


  1. A very timely post! Have been thinking about one for spring. I know what I want but whether I find one that fits the bill is the big question. x

  2. I'm still on the fence- they look awesome on most models but I just don't know if I can pull one off in real life.

  3. I have seen so many good ones out lately. I have one set, but it is silk so a summer, or spring outfit for sure. I can so easily look stumpy in one as I am so short, but will probably continue trying them on until I find another winner. Love this share Vicki. xx Jenelle

  4. Love the top ASOS one! Still haven't found one for me but I'll not give up the search & you've inspired me to crack on with it! Ax


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