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Fox in Flats Day Three - A lame attempt at Americana

Ok in my defence, I've had a really busy day today and didn't actually have a lot of time for outfit planning.  I don't own any red and not a lot of blue so throwing together anything remotely patriotic seemed completely beyond me today.  So, I am wearing stars and stripes (starfish earrings that you probably can't see) and a NY cap.  I told you it was lame.

In other news, this fabulous grey denim shirt I'm wearing is from Kmart men's department - it was on sale for $10.  It's the perfect length, not too fitted and has cute stitched patches to the elbows.  I'm giving you all this detail in the hope you don't ask me how my #100dayfashionfast is going.

In some more other news, my dog, Dixie, appears to be of supernatural proportions in these photos.  She is quite tall now (and still only just 11 months old) but these pictures make me think of Clifford the Big Red Dog.  I'm quite keen that she stops growing now.  In fact, if she shrank a bit, that would be ok too.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Looks like such a comfy outfit, but still chic! I love Dixie's legs- supermodel dog!

  2. Ah thanks Lauren! Dixie is just getting too big now, when on earth do dogs stop growing??


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