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Betts Kids Shoes & My Daughter's Odd Feet

I had the opportunity to visit the Betts Kids' store at Midland Gate shopping centre this week - they've got a whole new look and are proudly sharing it with some local bloggers.

Kristy, the Store Manager talked us through why the layout was so much better than the old one.  Though, to be honest, it was obvious to see - there was so much space (no more negotiating your buggy through the shoe racks!) and it was so light and bright it there with the new transparent shelving. My daughter reckoned it makes the shoes look as if they're floating.

Spacious layout means no need for buggy wars!

Miss 8 hadn't had her feet measured for a while, so it seemed a great opportunity to see if they'd grown.  It turned out that she has one foot that's half a size bigger than the other!  Apparently this is really common in kids, according to Kristy, and it makes it all the more important to get well fitting shoes.  It was great to chat to someone who knew so much about what kids' feet need whilst they're still growing, and Betts Kids have a range to suit everyone.  I was particularly interested to see a range that had reinforced toes - I'm betting they would last a good few school terms!

Betts have a great range of shoes for every occasion and they have great seasonal sales.  There  are currently some gorgeous winter ankle boots for less than half price.  The little girls' shoes echo current fashion but in a really lovely age-appropriate way.

My daughter was thrilled to find out that she was to be gifted with a pair of Betts branded shoes, and chose a classic pearl patent Mary Janes that haven't left her feet since!

And here she is in her own mini fashion shoot!

Do your kids get as excited as mine about shoe shopping?


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