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Waterproof Coats that don't make you look like a fisherman

I've been waiting for winter,  really I have.  The idea of wearing more than one item of clothing opens up all kinds of possible outfit combinations - images of snuggly wool, leather jackets and denim have been dancing in my head since the first sniff of Autumn.

However, I always conveniently forget that cold in Perth isn't actually that cold and it's more, er, wet. Very wet.  This week it has rained every day and every day I've said "crap, I don't actually have a coat that's properly waterproof".  I have my trench coat (minor shower proof), a hooded parka (too warm and eskimo-like) and an Adventure World poncho (er, that'd be a no then).

So, what's a girl to wear when you're umbrella insists on blowing inside out, and the rain is driving down like nails?

There is a shocking lack of decent waterproof coats out there, unless you fancy looking like you've just climbed Mount Everest.  However, I've done the research for you so you may look stylish AND stay dry AND spend less than $250.  You're welcome.

Marks and Spencer, approx $130

This first one is from good old Marks and Spencer in the UK, who now ship free to the UK.  It is  69GBP, so around $130.  Pretty uninspired styling, but not offensive, nonetheless!

River Island from The Iconic, $109.95

Apparently, this rather unsubstantial cream parka from The Iconic (it's River Island) is waterproof!  I like that it looks fairly lightweight so you can layer other things underneath without channelling the Michelin Man.

Piper, $199

The above is one of my favourites, from Piper - it's a dark navy apparently, but I love the storm flap detail and the length looks perfect.  Nice zips on the arms too.

Next, $214

This above one is available online from Next - it's a bit horsey for some, perhaps, but I am swayed by the addition of that Breton tee underneath!

Next, $107

Another one from Next (why are there no actual high street shops selling waterproof coats?) - great shape, like the zips.....and a bit of a bargain, too.

Kathmandu, $119.95

These last two are from a real shop, albeit an "outdoors one" - maybe sometimes you do actually have to venture into those intimidating places where everyone looks like they're about to catch and cook a rabbit, or climb rocks, or something.

Kathmandu, $249.95

 This one is right at the top of the budget, but looks like it would last you a lifetime - it is simple, as elegant as a waterproof coat gets and would work over jeans as well as it would over your workwear when you're getting soaked at the train station.

So, what do you think of my picks?  Do you have a decent waterproof coat for all this wet weather we're getting?

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  1. I've actually spotted one in the Target sales but it's rather bright. For $20 though, it will be good for walking in the morning when the weather isn't playing the game for me.

    Love all of these.


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