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Ugly Fashion or "Things Men Hate"

I was reading The Man Repeller the other day - you know the blog where the blogger wears all kinds of random (and actually rather awesome) creations that she loves but would, well, repel most men.  And it got me to thinking, there are quite a few things that I wear that although my artfully tactful husband would not actually do the "barf sign" with his fingers, they're not actually his favourite things for me to wear.

I think we're going through a bit of a phase where ugly fashion is fashionable.  The quintessentially ugly sister of all sandals, the Birkenstock is going through a sartorial revival and if you don't have a pair yet (or a cheaper dopelganger) then I bet my Arizonas that you'll have some by summer.  They're not pretty are they, yet search for the hashtag #birkenstocks on Instagram and you'll find all kinds of stylish young things wearing them.

The Birkenstock - once only worn by hippies and
German hikers - no the sandal of choice for the stylish.

And how about shredded jeans?  Or harem pants?  Or maybe OTT statement jewellery?  I wear all of these things (not all at the same time, that would be plain weird) and never really give a thought to what my husband might think.

All of these items were deemed odd or unwearable not all that long ago, and it fascinates me how the strangest of things become "fashionable" and then simply become the norm.

Harem Pants and Ugly Sandals!
Photo Credit: French Voguettes
Shredded Jeans and Ugly Shoes, double whammy!
Photo Credit: Natalie off duty

What do you think - do you dress to please your partner, or yourself?  Would you wear something that you know he really dislikes?


  1. YES YES and YES. I wear ALL of those things! I owe 3 pairs of Birkies and Love my self sick in a pair of drop crotch pants. I personally ripped up all my jeans in my wardrobe.
    So we come to this: do I dress to please my partner? No I don't. Let's face it: when we met I sported pink punk hair and wore a pastel pink boiler suit with turquoise ankle boots. And he fell in love with me!
    I do take in consideration that he dislikes red hair on me, and after trying it once, I have never in the last 31 years repeated that one.
    So do I dress for me? Hell yea! Do I dress to impress other girls? Hell Yea!
    Man Repeller is a hero to me, although the skirt worn over pants I saw her in lately? hmmm, I will sit on the fence over that one!
    Barbe xo

    1. I love Man Repeller and read all her posts! I'd love to have seen the pink hair, Barbe!

  2. I totally dress for myself & I know my Hubby doesn't get a lot of it but I don't care! Lol! I love my faux Birkies, harems & ripped boyf jeans but do like to be a bit more feminine from time to time! Hubbys taste is awful & I dread to think what he'd rather see me in!! Ax


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