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Today I Wore || Easy like Sunday Morning

Sunday's are the best day of the week as far as I'm concerned.  Kids' sporting activities are all over by 10am leaving the rest of the day for being as lazy or productive as we feel like.

I've got a bit of a confession to make - yes, another one.  The shoes in this shoot are new.  I didn't technically spend any money to get them though...more of that in another post.

The jacket was bought on our recent trip to England - doesn't everyone hanker after a Burberry trench coat?  This oversized, cropped version was bought for around $150 from the Burberry outlet store (original price was $1200!) and it's not really been cold enough to wear it.  Today's grey skies though were a perfect opportunity to get it out.

Have a great Sunday everyone! x


  1. Vicki! I LOVE this outfit, and I am totally jealous of your Burberry Trench!! Great outfit, and beautiful photos xo

  2. Thanks Barbe, that's really lovely. I finally managed to convince my keen photographer husband to get taking my photos.x

  3. Gorgeous jacket and what an absolute bargain! How is the fashion spend fast coming along? Keen to hear how the technically new shoes that didn't cost you any money came to be?

    1. Haha, your comment on Facebook inspired me to do a post about it - coming tomorrow :)

  4. Ridiculously amazing coat!! I'm green with envy xH

  5. What a fab jacket & such a steal too! Well done you! Ax


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