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Over the Knee Boots for the Over 40's?

Oh no we can't!!

Oh yes we can!  

Over the knee boots have certain connotations for me, namely:

  • Pantomine
  • Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
  • Musketeers.

To successfully carry off wearing this kind of footwear, you need to ensure your outfit bears no similarity to any of the 3 above.  That means no tight pink dresses, no brass buttons and no capes.  I'm sure that those ladies half my age would be able to rock any of those items with over the knee boots (affectionately abbreviated to OTKB from henceforth as it's taking me too long to type this), but being over 40 puts certain restrictions on what one can get away with.

I don't like rules about fashion in general, but sometimes a set of guidelines is a great starting point for wearing something a little outside of your comfort zone.

Here are my pointers for rocking OTKB without channelling Puss in Boots.

1.  Choose a boot with a low-ish for flat heel.  You can wear a bit of height but choose a sturdier heel, not a thin stiletto - that'll mean less teetering which is no bad thing.

2. Don't even think about patent leather - it'll mean looking like an extra from Star Trek, or even worse, a lady of the night.....

3. These boots were made for talking.  The boots are such a statement in themselves, you need to let them do the talking.  Don't pair with loads of other statement items as it's going to be wayyyy too much.

4. Don't flash the flesh.  I love the look of a long sock peeking over an OTKB but as you get older it's probably not the most flattering look to flash a bit of thigh between your skirt and the boot.

5. Layer up.  To balance out the boots it looks best to wear them with layers - a dress, a cardigan, a long scarf.  To helps even out the proportions of the boots.

5.  Choose a boot that stops just over your knee, not grazes your crotch.

6.  Simplicity is the key.  Simple colours, simple lines all work really work with OTKB.

Check out my Pinteresting gallery below for some ideas on how to wear OTKB when you're over 40.

A bit of pattern clash, but still simple shapes and colours

I would need to wear opaque with this, or leggings

Great bit of layering!

I'd prefer this without the "pop of colour" bag.....

A great vintage look

And here's me.  In mine.  I've had my OTKB since they were fashionable in the early Noughties.  They have a great block heel and sit just above my knee.

I'm wearing them today with a black Kmart dress which is just the right length to go with the OTKB, an Aztec pattern cardigan and a scarf to add the layering element.

I have seen some great flat suedette ones in Kmart recently for $29 - definitely worth a try if you don't want to commit to a more expensive pair.

What do you think about OTKB?  Are you ready to give them a go?


  1. I wish I had the legs and the height to pull off this look. You look gorgeous, sadly I'm not game to go there.

  2. I would totes love to wear some OTKBs. Chances are hubster would never let me leave the house in them ... ;-)

  3. I love all boots but I have never own a pair of over the knee boots. Can you believe it!! I think we can certainly rock them and I would love to get a pair to give them a whirl. Great tips!! Rachel

  4. They look amazing when styled the way that you are wearing them. My new winter must have. Shannon


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