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My Six under Sixty from the Iconic Winter Sale

Doesn't it seem to you that every store seems to have a sale on all the time?  Does anyone ever pay full price for anything any more?  I certainly don't - I might lust over something but you can guarantee that eventually it gets reduced.  You might miss out on your size, but I think it's a risk worth taking as I flatly refuse to pay retail for pretty much anything.

That said, some sales are definitely better than others and The Iconic is one of those sales that hooks me in every time.  Their reductions are great and their range of items frankly breathtaking.  It's normally my first port of call for pretty much anything that I'm trying to source.

As I'm still (failing hopelessly - see here) on my 100 Day Fashion Fast, I naturally won't be purchasing anything from the sale, but that doesn't stop me looking, right?

Here are my top ten picks for adding into your winter wardrobe at bargainous prices.

1. Alexa Ankle Boot by Bellini, $48.96.  These boots are such a perfect fit for pretty much everyone's cold weather wardrobe.  The heel height is perfect to wear everyday.  The cut outs add femininity and the buckles add a touch of toughness.  They're low-cut enough to wear with dresses when the weather warms up without making your legs look stumpy.  What's not to love??

Alexa Ankle Boot | $48.96

2. Antonia Open Toe Bootie, $29.95.  How on earth can you resist these?  The price!  The open toe!  The "go with anything" than colour!  If I didn't already have some tan peep toe boots I'd be having to go put my credit card in the freezer to stop myself buying these.

Come to mama!

3.  Carlin Zip Ankle Boots, $34.96.  I'm strangely drawn to these electric blue ankle boots - they're more 80's than Billy Idol, but I can't help but like them.  They'd look amazing for a night out with leather look leggings, or just with dark skinnies.

Carlin Zip Ankle Boot | $34.96

4. Atmos&Here Man-style Trench, half price at $49.95.  If you don't already have your winter coat sorted, we all know that in Perth, you don't actually need a heavy weight one.  A lightweight coat that is easily layered is the perfect answer.  This soft fabric trench looks perfect and at half price, an absolute steal!

 Atmos&Here Man-style Trench, half price at $49.95.

5. After scrolling through pages of what looked more like nighties than dresses, I finally came upon this stunning offering from River Island.  The model looks beyond amazing in it, but I think it would work pretty well on any skin tone.  I'm a sucker for a one shouldered/asymmetric look, and I'm envisaging this with opaque tights for those of us who are too old to get our legs out in the winter (brrrr!) and high, high pointy ankle boots.

Neon Tara Tee Dress, River Island | $59.46

6.  Little Lies Feline Pants, $45.46.  The cat's got your tongue, or in this case, your pants.  Leopard print is so ridiculously versatile you'll wonder why you never had any animal print pants before!  They'll work in the summer with a singlet, like the pic, or in the winter with a sweatshirt, or a denim shirt, the list goes on.

Have you checked out The Iconic winter sale yet?

*This post contains affiliate links - if you should buy something after clicking on a link, I may earn enough spondoolicks to share a mini-cino with my 2 daughters. x


  1. Lol to your spondoolicks mini-cino disclosure. :)

    Great bargain buys. I too am trying to put the blinkers on and have a bit of a no spend month. It's not going well because I think I may NEED those ankle boots.

  2. Love the peep toes boots! They are so cute! Ax

  3. Love, love all your picks. The blue boots are awesome! Rachel x


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