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KMart are having a Monochrome Moment

Don't you just love a bit of KMart?  I had a mooch around there the other day and there were so many fabulous things that I could've bought - most of them for under twenty bucks a pop.

They seem to have done a pretty fabulous job of channelling all things monochrome this Winter.  I seem to be living in grey and black (and denim) at the moment, so all of this appealed to me hugely.

As I was rather excited about all the lovely new stuff, I furtively took some snaps so I could share them all with you.  Excuse the poor quality of the photos, I was obviously on my iPhone and trying not to look like a shoplifter (or a nut job).  I'm also aware that clothes pics on hangars always look a little crappy, so please try and look past that - there are some absolute gems here!

What do you think?  Monochrome is very appealing to me right now - no thought whatsoever required, you can just fling on anything and it'll all match!


  1. While my wardrobe really needs updating. Until Nikki's Unlock Your Style book arrives I'm really not wanting to add more to the chaos. Our local Kmart has also just had a huge makeover and I'm finding it hard to warm to the new layout and find anything. Having said all that I'm half tempted to pop in tonight and have a look.

  2. Wow - you seem to find all of the gems. Whenever I go in there I can't find a thing. I will definitely have a better look when I am next there.

  3. Great article!! You know what is really sad that I owe 4 of the pieces you listed above and am eyeing up more! And you know what is even sadder, that because my local Kmart is open until midnight: that it is not uncommon for me to say to my daughter at 10pm at night: Trip to Kmart? I read in the Shop Til You Drop newsletter that Kmart has employed another 40 designers in their pool. So much more great stuff to come.
    B x

  4. Some really great picks here! Loving the A tops as thats my initial! Ax


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