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Gotta get 'em denim!

I've talked about Mix Apparel at Coles a few times on the blog - there is no easier way to sneak style into the grocery budget than actually buying it with the groceries!  You may've seen their recent marketing campaign including Mega Bloggers Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton from They All Hate Us - in essence you need to upload a pic of you wearing a piece of denim from Mix Apparel and you could win a $2,000 shopping trip to Melbourne or Sydney courtesy of Webjet - swoon!!  And if your mates vote for you, they could win a a spot prize too.

I do love a good competition, particularly when it's nice and simple to enter.  So I've uploaded my entry today and I'm wearing Mix Apparel Chambray Relaxed Pants (for info, mine have a zip fly and a fixed waistband and the ones now on the site are slightly different).

I'd be really grateful if you would vote for me - I hate to ask but you could win a spot prize just for voting and it only takes a few seconds - this is the link.

Relaed Chambray Pants || Mix Apparel ||$25

I've spotted a couple of my other favourite bloggers rocking the denim lately, too.  Where the Styled Things Are's Adele has an entry in the competition, too and she's looking rather fabulous in this denim shirt.

Vote for Where the Styled Things Are HERE!

Kimba over at Kimba Likes has been trialling the Sport Luxe look in denim joggers, too.

Mix Apparel has some other great denim pieces, too.  I'm totally in love with this denim jumpsuit but fear I may look more window cleaner than fashionista in it!

Chambray Jumpsuit || Mix Apparel || $29


  1. I'm off to check Mix Apparel out tomorrow, I'm loving all the denim I'm seeing from there! The Jumpsuit rocks doesn't it? Loving your window cleaner reference too, I'm so tempted but the last jumpsuit I bought I wore once and it's hanging up doing nothing now sadly. Voted for you too lovely x

    1. Thank you so much for voting for me.x I might just get the jumpsuit ( for research purposes of course) - it's dead easy to return stuff to coles anyway.x

  2. Done and voted!! Love the wedge sneaker with the pants. How is the fit? I have big legs, is there enough room in the thighs?
    B x

    1. I am most definitely not sleek of thigh and there's room for mine so I think you'll do just fine!

  3. No Mix Apparel near me yet - I haven't had much like online fashion shopping in the past so would rather touch and feel the clothes before I buy them!


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