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For the love of Coatigans

What?? What the hell is a Coatigan?  It's a bit like a shoot, or treggings, jeggings or even pleather.  It's a piece of sartorial slang made of two words smooshed together - in this case coat and cardigan.

I guarantee by the end of this post you'll be wondering why you don't already have one of these marvellous trans-seasonal thingumabobs in your closet already.

Not quite as warm as a coat, but cosier than a cardi, the coatigan is perfect for Autumn.  It works just as well over skinnies and boots as it does over a smart dress or suit for work.  And, if you're that way inclined, through it on over shorts and a sweatshirt for a "sitting on the beach but it's a bit chilly" kinda look.

I have one in my closet from Target a couple of years back.  I've just rehung it (having packed away my summer garb and hung all my winter) and I'm planning on wearing it next week.

I've done all the hard work for you and found a pretty good selection on the high street, beginning with this absolute bargain from Millers.

Millers, a steal at $24 in the sale
Spliced Edge to Edge Coatigan || Sportsgirl || $89.95 on sale

Salt and Pepper Coatigan || Witchery || $169.95

Trim Detail Biker Coatigan || Sussan | $199.99

Cable Trim Coatigan || Target || $32 on sale 

Textured Sleeve Coatigan || ASOS || $71.57 on sale

Checkerboard Coatigan || The Iconic || $79.95 on sale

Leopard Coatigan || Asos || $47.06 on sale

Aztec Coatigan || Katies || $69.95
(love this one, such a versatile mix of colours)

PU Trim Coatigan || Mango || $69 on sale

Textured Coatigan || Katies || $49.95
(so similar to the Mango one but an even better buy!)

Knit Jacket || Country Road || $229 (why did the most expensive one have to be my favourite?)

Have I convinced you that you need one of these in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe?


  1. These are my things completely! Great over skinnys and shift dresses too. I own a fair few I have to say and I love the CR one too you've featured.

  2. I have a fab one that I got in the ASOS sale last year! Its so great to wear & I will be digging it out this year too! Some great picks here! Andrea x

  3. I picked up a "nude" coloured coatigan from Ally for $15 this week - score! Though I have to say, hubster is not a fan of the drapey styled ones - he reckons they just make women look like they have huge asses. Pfft he's a man, what would he know?!

    1. Janet, we all know that men know diddly squat about fashion!!


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