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Easy like Sunday Morning - yeh, right!

For those of us with school age kids, Sunday mornings aren't quite as, er, easy as they used to be.  I remember in days of yore, we lazed in bed til noon drinking coffee, reading the papers and well, doing the things grown ups do in bed when they don't have a 5 year old in the middle singing Let It Gooooooo!! at full volume.

Not our house….

Nowadays, at least one of us has to be up before the lazy arse sun to get our son to football, or in the summer, get all three of them to tee ball/baseball before 8am.

Our house…..

So, the idea of dressing for a sunday morning no longer involves luxurious cashmere slouch pants and snuggly cardigans…..oh no sirree!  My Sunday is now spent stood in the mud, clutching a "from-home" coffee trying to feel my toes.

Being the rather fashion-obsessed individual I am means that even this early in the morning I will not allow myself to just fling on a pair of trackies, a fleece and a beanie and rock up to the football field.  Nope, I like to at least look a bit like I'm flying the flag for my blog (otherwise I should perhaps rename it "The unfashionable mum") so I've taken to Pinterest to find some inspiration for low-effort, medium impact (no-one wants to look too try hard at this time in the morning!) outfits that I can channel this morning.

Apparently, this is what Gwennie wears to her kid's soccer game….I'm thinking the other moms may wonder if I've spent the night on the town if I turn up like this!

These are much more like it - I think after doing this research, I do actually need to invest in a beanie.  I think I'll give the pom-pom a miss, but a nice slouchy black one will keep me warm this morning!

How do your Sunday mornings pan out?  Is it coffee in bed or coffee in the mud, like me!?


  1. We usually have pancakes or scrambled eggs at about 7:30am, followed by copious amounts of coffee for the adults. Then it is off to visit family and catch up on housework at some stage!

  2. I do miss the Sundays before kids & would love a day laying in bed, reading, drinking tea & eating cheese n biscuits again in peace! LOL! A beanie is a must & I lived in a few last winter! Ax


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