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Bargain of the Week - Leopard Print Heels

I have to confess that I'm really struggling with this #100dayfashionfast.  Stores keep sending me emails about EOFY sales and additional 25% off codes - oh the temptation!

The Iconic sent me a 20% off code as they reckon they haven't seen me for a while - how awesome is that?  Now, obviously, this was too much of a temptation for me and I confess that I caved.  I officially have no willpower whatsoever.  It does mean, though, that I can share what I bought with you on here and believe me, it's pretty bloody fabulous.

I present, dear reader, the Debbie Heel by Spurr.

Do you want to know how much they are?  They are staggeringly, eyewateringly cheap at $11.98!  Crazy price hey! 

They are the perfect height to wear all day - I can attest to this as I had to walk about a kilometre in them today, whilst carrying an Apple iMac to the Apple Store (don't ask) and they are incredibly comfortable.  You will need to size up though they come up very small.  I'm a 9 and a 10 fits me perfectly.

They are a kind of microfibre or faux suede and a nice deep leopard print which is great for winter.

Incredibly they are still in stock in every size on the website, so don't dilly and definitely don't dally as these are absolutely The Bargain of the Week.

The Debbie Heel also comes in red - for the same price, too. 

 The cream and black ones are $27.98, still a great buy and it's very tempting to buy them in other colours.


  1. Your prob not aware but there's an Apple repair shop in Joondalup, saves you an arduous trip to the store in the city. Awesome shoes, thanks for sharing

  2. Oh my goodness these shoes are fabulous! And they ship to New Zealand- extra fabulous!

  3. Oh my! What a total bargain! You can not & must not feel guilty at that price! I have a pair of leopard print mid heels & they are super comfy & super useful! You will not regret this purchase thats for sure! Ax


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