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Winter Skincare - an all natural approach with Marina's Ambrosia

As much as I'd like to say I do a good job of looking after my skin, I'm sometimes a little, well, slack.  I'm also a bit flighty - jumping from one skincare range to the next, trying to find the miracle product promised in all the ads.

Around a month ago, Marina Herlihy, creator and owner of Marina's Ambrosia asked if I'd be interested in trying out some of her natural skin care products.  This seemed like a great opportunity to give my skin a break from the chemicals I'd been liberally splattering it with and try something more, well, wholesome.

All of Marina's products are 100% natural, 100% additive free and 100% made in Western Australia. I love this quote from her website -

"All natural ingredients used in the Marina’s Ambrosia collection are earthly treasures which have been sourced from all over the world. These essential elements have been strategically transformed by hand with mastery and bottled especially for you, by me. Marina."

 Not only did she give me the products to try but Marina is also a veritable fountain of knowledge when it come to fixing those annoying skin problems that we all suffer from.  My main bugbear is finding the time to actually use all of the products I accumulate.  I very rarely have an hour or so to give myself a facial (as lovely as that would be!), but Marina had a solution.  She suggested using the Anti-Ageing Walnut Polish scrub twice a week, after cleansing my face.  And then on a couple of different days, slap on the Repairing Mask whilst getting ready in the morning!  This is exactly what I've been doing and I feel like my skin is reaping the benefits whilst I still have time to spend too much time online shopping get on with my life.

The Repairing Mask has ended up being one of my favourite of Marina's range (apart from the Rose Spritz which is just divine!).  After just 5 minutes on my face you can see by these photos below that my skin absolutely drinks it up and feels luscious afterwards.

I took a photo of my face before I started using the products, not really expecting to see a massive difference after 4 weeks.  You can decide for yourself from the pics below, but what I can tell you is that the products are such a pleasure to use, smell divine and are totally suitable for all of the family. (I've been doing little spa treatments on my daughters, much to their delight!).  My skin certainly feels more refined and nourished ready for winter.

No filters, no make-up, no chemicals :)

Will you be upgrading your skincare routine for winter?

*I was gifted with the products from Marina's Ambrosia for the purpose of trialling them.  I only write about stuff that I like - all opinions are unbiased and all mine, baby.

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  1. Would so love to try these they look & sound awesome


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