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What I Wore | Trench and Big W sequinned sweater

I recently found this photo on Pinterest and posted it on my timeline recently and since then have been thinking about re-creating the outfit.  The shoes are to die for but not entirely right for the school run and coffee.

I am aware that comparing myself to this lithe 18 year old may not be the best way of boosting one's self esteem, but I suppose I wanted to show that some looks really are ageless and you don't have to look like a Victoria Secret model to enjoy clothes and look great.

This Peter Morrison sweater was reduced by 40% and they only had a couple left when I popped into Big W a couple of weeks back.  The front is covered in tiny matte sequins making it a great everyday choice.

My boots are from The Iconic last year (they are very "last year" aren't they, but I still love them!).

I've mentioned before that I got my fabulous trench coat from DKNY when in England, but I've noticed that Target has a rather lovely one in that's very similar to mine and a steal at $69.

Trench Coat | Target | $69
Trench Coat | Target | $69


  1. I think those booties are awesome! I'm not a bootie person, because it's so hot here in phoenix, but I love the detailing! Cute recreation :)


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