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Today I Wore || Black Sequins and Denim

Do you ever have one of those days where you are completely uninspired in what you're going to wear?  One of those days where your most awful trackies and slouchy tee have the ultimate appeal?

Well, today was one of those days - in fact, I was still in my exercise gear (having exercised straight after dropping off the kids) at lunchtime and the idea of getting dressed into anything else did not appeal at all.  I probably scared the postie half to death when he delivered me a parcel at lunchtime - I was sweaty, frizzy and blotchy - nice combo!

I'd been asked a couple of weeks back by Jewlr, an online jewellery store, if I'd like to design a piece from their website.  Would I??  The girls and I spent a happy couple of hours designing bespoke rings and pendants on Jewlr's rather amazing website.  Every piece of jewellery they offer is configurable with your choice of stone.  Jewlr then make the piece to your specifications and it arrives on your doorstep, beautifully packaged and ready to wear.

Jewlr's range of jewellery
Jewlr's huge range of jewellery

I decided upon the Caged Heart pendant which can be filled with up to six heart shaped stones of your choice - the one below is the one I designed, and it contains the birthstone of my husband, me and the three children.  How gorgeous is that?

 Anyway, the upshot of receiving such a beautiful piece of jewellery through the post (the girls are already arguing as to who is going to get it when I'm dead - nice, eh?) is that I thought I'd better get some clobber on and face the world.

I am dressed entirely by chain stores today, with my jumper and shirt from Big W and my pants from Kmart.  The boots, though were, an amazing gift from a fellow Instagrammer as part of Where the Styled Things Are social media experiment - Pretty Little Package.

*I was gifted the beautiful pendant from Jewlr - all opinions and reviews are all mine, baby.


  1. Ooo I'm loving that jumper - and having long sleeves would mean I wouldn't get sequin rash on my arms!

    1. I know, Janet, I love sequins and I love the fact that they're matte and not shiny, too.

  2. I love everything about this outfit, and that necklace is to die for. Wow, you got boots in your Pretty little package? Amazing!! x

    1. My pretty little package was an absolute corker - my "sender" was just the loveliest and did loads of research about me.x


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