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The Ultimate OpShop Event - Bindaring Red Cross Sale

Run, don't walk, ladies to this annual event held at Claremont Showgrounds!  It is the ultimate paradise for the dedicated op-shopper and there are many bargains to be had.

The Red Cross have held the Bindaring Clothing sale every year since 1963 and have raised a staggering $1.5million from the proceeds.

There are two events being held on Saturday May 17th -

The Op Shop

Doors open at 9am, with queues opening at 6.30am.  Everything is normally under ten bucks a pop - you can't say no to that.

The Boutique

Doors open at 10am and it's a gold coin donation to get in.  There are going to be many designer bargains to be snagged, including lots of brand new surplus stock items and designer clearance.
There'll be special areas for jewellery and accessories, including vintage handbags - swoon!

If this event could get any more fabulous, the amazing stylist AndAndrea from Claremont Quarter will be picking out some of her favourite pieces and styling up some outfits.

The Details

The event is held at the Ellie Eaton and Jim Webster Pavilions and access to free parking is via Gate 5 off Graylands Road.

Tips from The Fashionable Mum

Get there early.  I went a couple of years back and arrived at 8.30am - parking was already almost non-existent and the queue was huge!

Take a couple of shopping bags - if you serious about bagging plenty of bargains, then those blue IKEA bags are perfect.

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Wear stockings or socks so that you can easily try on shoes.

Wear something simple like leggings and a fitted tee (top it off with a long cardigan and scarf for queuing in the cold!) so you can try things on over your clothes.  And make sure you've thongs or ballet flats to flip on and off.

Don't dither - if you see something you're drawn to, grab it.  If you hesitate, I guarantee it'll be snapped up by another savvy shopper.

I'm pretty sure you could pay by EFTPOS but I'd take plenty of cash (and keep your purse close).

Take a bottle of water and a snack - you could be there some while!

Enjoy the most sustainable shopping event of the year and feel smug in the fact you're giving something back (and getting something great!).

Happy shopping and I can't wait to hear what you buy!

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  1. I don't think we have anything like this in Brisbane - the Lifeline bookfest is HUGE - imagine a fashion event! I hope the local charities pick up this idea!


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