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The rise of the forty and fabulous fashion blogger

If I'm perfectly honest, I rarely read glossy magazines anymore.  Not only are they hideously expensive but the images are not really aspirational for me.  I'm not going to look like a 20-something in their featured fashions, and I'm certainly not a size 00 either.  I tend to look to other fashion/style bloggers for inspiration, and particularly those that "keep it real".   As much as I love bloggers like Blair Eadie at  Atlantic Pacific with her New York/Greenwich style, it's just not a practical look for a) a housewife b) a 40 year old and c) someone who lives in an almost tropical climate.  I do get inspiration from her colour combinations, though and was secretly pleased that my bargain sunnies from Rubi Shoes appear to be copies of her Karen Walker Super Dupers.

Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific

My inspiration comes from reading blogs of real women - I know that sounds a bit trite and the phrase "real women" has been more overused than "YOLO" but I'll explain what I mean.

I mean women who have to think about packing school lunches, work emails, house inspections, kids' dental appointments...all those thinks that eat into our mornings and leave us zero time to plan an outfit.  Many of these bloggers have tripped over the edge of 40 and still look bloody amazing!

So without further ado, here are the fashion blogs that I regularly read, and think "yep, I could wear that" (except the first one - no-one can wear what Kimba wears and look that darn awesome).

Kimba Likes - Kim Marie isn't just a fashion blogger.  Her blog is more than that.  It's an inspirational blend of fashion, home and family life tied together with a silk scarf and adorned with a flower crown.  Her outfits are almost always colourful, playful but always well thought out.

Kimba Likes

Rachel, from Redcliffe style is a mom to kids and dogs, just like me.  She manages to turn her everyday style into something unique with just a sprinkling of boho.  Her entertaining style of writing appeals to my sense of humour, too!  AND the fact that she can wear heels all day is a fact I will never get my head around.

Redcliffe Style

I feel like I have a lot in common with the Fashionista in Suburbia - otherwise known as Barbe.  Like me, she is a staunch fan of hunting down bargains at Kmart and has a distinct knack for making the mundane look marvellous.  Her style is edgy, featuring lots of dark textures but playful too.  Hop along to her blog and check out her new trackies (and tell me if they have them at your Kmart - mine doesn't!)

Fashionista in Suburbia

My next one isn't in Australia but is a long time acquaintance from the UK.  Kat from Does my bum look 40 in this was probably one of the first over 40 style bloggers to hit the big time.  Her huge following tune in daily to read about her own style and her fashion-finding skills are second to none.  No-one, and I repeat no-one puts as much research into finding the perfect jean, or shoe or whatever as Kat does.

Does my bum look 40 in this?

Finally, in my over 40 and fabulous list of bloggers comes Bev at Iris May Style.  Her super stylish blog reflects her personal style - polished, elegant and timeless.  Bev manages to effortless blend today's trends with her own classic look and always looks amazing.  I am openly jealous of her wardrobe and the fact she always seems to have someone to take her great photos!

Iris May Style

I hope you'll check out some of my favourite style bloggers, they've certainly inspired me on my blogging and style journey - hopefully they'll inspire you too.


  1. Great list of bloggers here Vicki. We obviously have similar taste as quite of few of them are already on my list of regular reads :-) The ones that I haven't checked out before are now on my list.

  2. Wow!! Thank you so much for including me in your list. I love follow a few of these bloggers and in a few minutes will be following the rest. I think you're pretty inspirational too. Rachel xx

  3. Absolutely loving your list. Such great fashionable women...

  4. Fabulous stylish bunch here. I am over forty as well, so good to see that over 40 is recognised.

  5. Some of my favourite bloggers in that lineup. I tipped over 40 (a little while ago now) but possibly looking and feeling my worst this last year, hence the reason I'm not a style or outfit blogger.

  6. Yay for us in the over 40 club! Love your list of style bloggers and I'm with you on the glossy mags. Am I showing my age if I say a lot of them are just blinking adverts too?? X

  7. Thank you so so much for featuring me lovely girl, you have truly made me day! Right, I'm off to check out Fashionista in Suburbia and Does my bum look 40 in this. Mwah xx

  8. Thank you very much for including me. As you know i am fairly new to this blogger thingy and I am having nothing but a load of fun! It is a great honour to be listed with these legends, and I think you are pretty legendary too Vicki ! Will follow all of the fellow fabulous forties stylers. xoxo

  9. 40 is the new 30! I love exploring my 40+ style by the sandpit and blogging about it too. Lots of my fave blogs listed here, plus a couple of new ones to discover! x K

  10. I'm so with you on the glossies! Far too expensive these days but I do treat myself every now & again! I love Kat & her blog & look forward to checking out the others you've listed here! Good for us forty something Mamas! xx


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