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Seven seasonal selections from Sussan

This is not a sponsored post, but simply a gush for all things lovely that Sussan have to offer right now.  I am a week into my 100 day fashion fast and it's probably a good job as otherwise the kids might be eating beans on toast for a week so I can buy myself loads of goodies from this store.

I don't know about you, but Sussan is always on my hit list for PJs and the odd statement necklace or scarf, but the clothes for me have never quite hit the mark.  Recently though, their window displays have been tempting me with leather sleeved cardigans and darker, more edgy looks.  I happened to open their website today whilst researching another post and spent far too long window-shopping all the stuff that would slot nicely into my closet - and lots of it is on sale too.

Here are my lucky seven items that if I weren't on a spending ban I'd be ordering right now.  Please buy one of them and let me shop vicariously through my readers!

Coated Skirt, on sale $39.95
Space Dye Biker Jacket, on sale $69.95

Spliced Leggings, on sale $49.95

Jewelled Sweat Top, on sale $49.95

Foil Spot Pullover, on sale $59.95

Leopard Print Coat, on sale $99.95

Longline Biker Jacket, on sale $89.95
Do you agree that Sussan has got it bang on for this season?


  1. I have far greater respect for non-sponsored posts - I never really trust posts that are filled with an array of "gifted" items, you know when something makes you think "Is that a weird outfit or am I just not with it?", it's almost always a sponsored post.

    And I have loved Sussan for years, they do stylish with a bit of a fashionable edge, but still appropriate for the mums, really well.

    Thanks for the link to the skirt, love it!


  2. Thank you! I do have a sponsored post coming up this week, but I hope it's not in your face - I agree that sometimes they can seem very contrived. I definitely only write about stuff I love!


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