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Forgive me, followers, for I have sinned.....

First, in my defence, these were an absolute bargain.  Secondly, I was having such an awesome day, that to NOT buy these would have been a crime.

Let me fill you in, as Craig David once warbled.

Yesterday morning, I had an interview.  In the city.  Big, exciting stuff for the blog if things fall into place, and I sincerely hope I'll be able to give you good news sometime soon.  I came out of my interview fired up and a little over-excited, if I'm completely honest.  I was due to meet hubby for a coffee and a debrief but thought I'd have a wander round Myer as I don't go into the City all that often.

Naturally, I headed to the shoe department - where else would a blogger on a 100 Day Fashion Fast head first?  I walked head first into a trial by fire - which I failed in spectacular style.

Oh, My, God.

 The nice thing about being a fashion blogger, is that you can browse as much fashion as you like, all in the name of "research".  I occasionally bump into friends whilst "researching" and they might say, "Shopping again??" - I can just shrug and answer, nope, just researching a blog post.  Of course, this isn't always true, and until I started my Fashion Fast I was actually shopping the majority of the time.

Anyway, I started having a mooch through this bargain bin of shoes and there were some absolute corkers in there.  I chose a couple of pairs to try on and actually found an assistant first to confirm that they were, indeed, now ten bucks a pop - they were.

I know that you know what is coming next.  And I know that you know that I know I did wrong. I am sorry for breaking my fashion fast, but how could I resist?

This first pair of sandals were marked up at $149.95 and are almost identical to some black ones that I got from Wittners in the sale last year.  They are a perfect everyday height and I'm so pleased with them.

These black Innovare sandals were an incredible $299.95.  Speechless.  They are high but perfectly wearable due to the platform sole and wide heel.

Here is my proof that I only spent twenty bucks on both pairs.

So there you have it - I have the willpower of a kitten in a wool shop.  I'm just not that strong - sob!

I will attempt to continue with my fashion fast as it is stopping me from making random purchases of stuff I really don't need.

Have you struck lucky with any fabulous bargains lately??
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  1. Well that is definitely worth breaking the no spend rule for. OMG. Hint for next time..... SMS me. lol

  2. Unbelievable bargains!! How did you managed to stop? Rachel x

  3. Oh come on! It would of been rude not to! What great sandals at bargain prices! Ax

  4. Hey at ten bucks a pop, it's totally forgivable!!


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