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Back to Basics - Introducing the Fashionable Mum's Guide to the Perfect Wardrobe

How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe - by The Fashionable Mum

Wow - long title huh?  I'm really enjoying writing this blog, which means, I hope, that you're enjoying reading it!  I've been thinking about creating a series of styling posts for a while, to help  you create your perfect wardrobe.  I know that we're all different shapes and sizes, and that we all have different lives but there are a few common threads that help to make the ideal closet.

This is the first post in a nine part series giving you all the information you will ever need to create the perfectly wearable wardrobe for you.  Not a wardrobe that works for a 20-something office worker, when you're a 40-something work at home mum.  I'll be giving you my strategy that'll mean you never stand in your closet again, close to tears, because you have nothing to wear (or is that just me?).

This week we'll be starting with who you are, what you do, and why that has such a profound effect on the clothes you buy.

In coming weeks, I'll be covering what to keep (and what to burn!) in your closet.  Then we'll be looking at the six categories of items you need to start creating your perfect wardrobe.  Finally there'll be a post or two on putting "you" together, including styling outfits, thinking outside of the "shoe-box" and becoming your own Style Icon.

Are you ready?  Then let's get started!

Who do you think you are?

I am a sucker for dresses.  It doesn't matter what type of shop I'm in - whether it's a high end designer one or my local Salvo, the dress racks are the ones I head to first.  I don't know why dresses appeal to me so much, it may be to do with the fact that as a kid I was very often dressed in trousers and more boyish clothes.  Anyway, I used to have an absolute overflowing wardrobe full of dresses, the majority of which are not for everyday wear.  They were either too dressy, too short or just very obviously "evening wear".  Of course, this type of wardrobe would be fabulous if I went out in the evening a lot to cocktail parties, weddings and the like - but I don't.  With three young children, we rarely go out, and if we do, it's more likely to be to a restaurant and then for a few drinks.

Yes, she looks amazing. Yes, we all want to be original.
BUT, a touch too much for the school run, I think.....

The point I'm labouring is that it doesn't matter how beautiful the clothes are, if they don't fit your lifestyle, there is absolutely no point buying them.  It's ok to have those one or two items in your wardrobe for that just in case occasion, but a whole closet full of them?  No, siree!

Your wardrobe has to mirror your lifestyle, and this is how you're going to make that happen.  

Grab a blank piece of paper and write down the things that you do in a week that need you to get dressed for - starting from the moment you get out of bed, to when you get back under the covers!

When you've done that, next to each item, write the number of hours that you do each "activity" for - it doesn't have to come to a specific total, you're just trying to get a feel for what you spend most of your time doing.

This is what happened when I did mine.

Looking at this, it's pretty obvious that I don't need a cupboard full of cocktail dresses and peep toe heels.  I spend lots of my time hanging out with friends and acquaintances in very casual environments.  I only spend a couple of hours a week in a slightly more formal environment - for example date night with hubby or a night out with the girls.

Although this exercise is a great start in working out where you should spend your hard earned cash, it has some flexibility.  For some people, the "exercising" and "super casual socialising" will overlap considerably and all of those activities will be done in gym clothes and sneakers.  I am not one of those people - I love great workout wear, but that's exactly what it's for - working out.  

For others, Super Casual Socialising and Evening Socialising may be one and the same thing, meaning school runs and brunches are done in heels and cute dresses.  YOU know where your comfort zone is and I'm not going to tell you exactly WHAT to wear (well, maybe a little bit!) but I am going to tell you the types of things you need in your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle.

So have a go at this yourself, it may surprise you what you spend most of your time doing!

In a couple of weeks time, we'll be doing the thing that everyone dreads - cleaning out the closet!  Don't miss any of this series - subscribe via email below to get all the Perfect Wardrobe Series delivered to your inbox.

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