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Adventure World, Perth - a few tips to make your day easier!

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Adventure World for the first time.  I've been putting off going, partly do to the cost of the tickets to get in and partly as I don't love crowds and HATE queuing for things.

However, we'd promised the children that we'd go, so off we went.  We travelled very light and only took a couple of towels and some sunscreen.  We had a superb day and the kids were gutted when we left at 4.30pm.  Having the benefit of hindsight and a few hints from friends who are regulars there, I thought it'd be worth sharing my tips to having a great day, and getting your money's worth, too!

  • Ticket prices are $52.40 for adults and $43.40 for kids, with under 4s being free.   If you're a member of the RAC though, you can get tickets for $39 which is a great saving.

  • Buy your tickets online before you go.  It doesn't work out any cheaper, but as we were standing in line (we got there around ten minutes before opening) a couple of AW workers were collecting in pre-paid tickets and handing out the wrist bands so when the gates opened you could just walk straight in.

  • Get there early, by which I mean before the gates open at 10am.  See the next point for why this is a great tip.......

  • Bring a picnic, blankets and drinks.  If you're one of the first few through the gate you can pitch yourself under the shade sails which surround Kahuna Falls (central to the park).  If you arrive later all the shaded areas will be gone and it gets pretty hot as you can imagine!  You can't officially BYO or any commercially prepared food, but to be honest I don't think anyone takes any notice and there weren't any "Esky Police" on the gates!

  • If you're a thrill seeker, go on The Abyss first as the queue was tiny when we arrived - I think people were waiting to work up the courage to go on!  The same goes for the Rocky Rapids, the queue was much, much smaller for the first hour of the day.

  • Nominate a meeting place for your children.  Our kids are too young to go off exploring on their own yet (the eldest is nine and is just getting enough confidence to be able to do that when he has a friend or two with him), but for those whose are, then it's worth telling them a specific place to meet.  Ideally, if you've managed to snag a shady spot near Kahuna Falls then it'll be easy enough for them to come back to "home base" when they need a drink, etc.  If you don't have a pitch then the bottom of the three slides at Kahuna are a great place to tell them to wait if they can't find you.  There are always lifeguards around there too, so they can always ask for assistance from them.

  • Nobody wears clothes, or at least, no-one wears anything other than bathers.  Lots of girls were flitting around in bikinis but if that's not your thing then a rashie and shorts is ideal for going on all the waterslides but also means you don't burn your bum on the other rides (the plastic seats can get really hot!).

  • Buy Aquacash when you arrive and it'll get put onto your wristband.  This means you don't have to carry any cash or cards.  At the end of the day, you go to the Gift Shop and they reimburse any money left on your band.  Such a great idea!

  • You need change to get a locker - they vary from $5 to $8, depending on the size and are a great idea for ditching your wallet and car keys.  You can't have loose stuff in your pockets on any of the rides, so the less you have with you, the better.

  • You'll need thongs as the pavements got really hot in the afternoon!

  • If you want to go on the Grand Prix cars, then you need sneakers and a top, they won't let you drive them with just thongs on.

We had such a great day, and it was nicer going when the weather was just that bit cooler too.  

Do you go to Adventure World, and if you do, what tips would you add to my list?

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  1. We were in WA in 2001 and took Miss 17 to Adventure World for her 5th birthday ... great memories, although I remember she was severely pinged as she wasn't tall enough to go on the roller coaster. She thought they should've made an exception seeing as how it was her birthday, LOL!


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