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What I Wore - Urban Couture Beach Runway

I don't very often do What I Wore posts.  It's not because I don't want to share what I'm wearing, but because my children's photography skills are fairly limited.  They can just about wield an iPhone and take a snap that is in focus, but asking them to do much else is beyond their skill set (now, if I were asking them to create me a multi-level castle in Minecraft, well that would be a whole different ballgame!).

However, on Saturday night I was lucky enough to be snapped by the fabulous Ms Mystery Case who was also attending the Urban Couture Fashion Show at Sorrento Beach.

"The Fashionable Mum"
Photo by Mystery Case 

I'm wearing:

  • A Rebecca Thompson silk hand-printed skirt that I snaffled from my local salvo.  It was a ridiculous $8 and still had the price tag on it for over $200 (best buy everrrrr!)
  • A sheer bright orange tank from Dotti
  • Orange flat gladiators from The Iconic (what else would you wear when the runway is on the beach?)
  • Mimco hip bag
  • Turquoise necklace and earrings from Apache Teardrops

What do you think?  Should I do more outfit posts?  Is that something you all would be interested in seeing?


  1. Love outfit posts, as long as I'm not in them! Can't believe how amazing that skirt is. What a find.

  2. Bargain!!! Lucky you and you are looking amazing.

  3. Yes please! I love wearing outfits! Thank you for joining Wardrobe Wednesday and that is a BARGAIN!

  4. What a fabulous pic of you - looking absolutely fabulous! Orange is not a colour I can wear but you totally rock it!

  5. You look stunning! What amazing bargain that gorgeous skirt was. I definitely think you should share more "What I wore" posts. I look forward to reading them. Rachel xx

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