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Urban Couture Beachfront Pop Up Runway Event

On Saturday night, the City of Joondalup hosted another of its Urban Couture Fashion Shows - this one took place with the stunning scenery of Sorrento beach as its backdrop.  The theme was, naturally, swimwear, with Western Australian labels Cenote Swimwear and 2Wink Australia showcasing their designs on some seriously buff models.  Natalie Rolt and jewellery designer Little Dove were there too.
The Urban Couture Ambassador for this year, Samantha Harris headlined the runway which was beautifully timed as the sun set over the Indian Ocean.  There aren't many times in your life when so many beautiful things are all seen at the same time!

All of the models were so stunning and after the runway, they all went down to the sea and hung out for more photo opportunities.


  1. Great photos. I adore that last bikini, although I'm not entirely sure it is beach or water friendly. :)

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