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Sightseeing Paris - what I wore

Am I just the luckiest lady alive right now?  Me and the fam are on our holidays in Europe and today we spent the day doing all those fabulous tourist things - seeing the Mona Lisa, eating crepes and drinking caffe latte.  Sheer heaven.

I wore comfortable boots (Target) obviously, which as you can see are covered in a coat of white dust from the paths around the Louvre.

Black leather faced leggings from The Iconic.

Grey sweatshirt dress with leather shoulder panels - Country Road

Scarf - Kmart.

Leather satchel - Mimco.  I bought this last year in the sale.  Every year Mimco send you $30 as a reward for having a birthday - awesome, hey?  This bag was reduced to a crazy hundred bucks, which meant I only paid $70.  It was a great investment buy - everyone needs a great neutral messenger bag!


  1. That looks like the perfect mystery case bag. Love that you are blogging from your holiday!

  2. One of my dreams is to go back to Europe but this time with my husband...also I want that bag..Mimco here I come. Hope you are having a fantastic holiday.

  3. I would say that you are one of those luckiest women with those boots and stylish leather bag. I just loved it. Thanks for sharing.


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