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In the Mix- why it's a good idea to buy your clothes at the supermarket

There was a surprising turn of events when I met my girlfriends for coffee yesterday.  One of them produced a rather lovely looking tee-shirt from her trolley, proclaiming she'd just picked it up at Coles.  Coles?? I knew that Coles had introduced their Mix Apparel range a year or two ago, but none of the concessions had made it north of the river in Perth.  Apparently we were not deemed stylish enough back then... But we are now!

Buying clothes in a supermarket is not an odd thing to me, but it seems to have lots of Australians confused.  When I went across to Coles to check out the range, a lovely lady was attempting to give shoppers a slice of mud cake in celebration of the opening of Mix Apparel, but lots of them were circling her like she was a "chugger"* and after their bank account details.

Back in Blighty, all the major supermarkets have awesome selections of clothes.  In fact the inimitable Gok Wan frequently joins forces with Sainsburys to design his own range for them.

Being of sterner Pom stuff than most, I braved the collection and was very pleased I did.  The ladies clothes were very reasonably priced and, apart for a few, um, strange pieces, it was all very wearable and great quality.

I was particularly taken with a grey jersey blazer with a white trim, and if I hadn't have recently purchased a casual jacket to wear on our trip back to the UK, the price of $39 would absolutely have sold it to me.

The Fashionable Mum's review of Mix Apparel
Checking out the full length mirrors in store

The Fashionable Mum's review of Mix Apparel
Grey jersey blazer | $39

The ponte knee length skirts are really nice and a bargain at $20 each, as are their jeggings.  I did succumb to a pair of these in black.  The thing that won me over is that they have "real" belt loops, meaning you don't have to spend half your waking hours hoiking them up - you can just belt them.  I don't know why jeggings are the worst offenders for this kind of slippage, but honestly, after an hour of wear I'm flashing more bum cleavage than your average brickie.

The Fashionable Mum's review of Mix Apparel
5 pocket jeggings $20
The singlets are of a comparable quality to Lorna Jane's basics range for a fraction of the cost - in fact, there's a 50% off deal this week on singlets and tee-shirts, making them virtually undetectable on your Coles receipt.

Here are a few more choice pieces to tempt you to check out the range which also includes kids' and men's too.  My picks are all monochrome as a lot of the collection is in black, white, and a bright blue.
The Fashionable Mum's review of Mix Apparel
Square Check Crew Knit | $19
The Fashionable Mum's review of Mix Apparel
Zig Zag Boat Neck Jumper | $25
Grid Print Skirt | $20

The only downside of this kind of supermarket style is the lack of fitting rooms.  There are full length mirrors, though, and Coles returns policy is pretty darn good so taking things back shouldn't be a problem.

Have you checked out Mix Apparel yet? I should mention that you can buy it online if you're still in a no-coverage area (STILL NOT STYLISH ENOUGH??)

*A chugger is a slightly less than affectionate term for a charity collector found in shopper centres and high streets.  It is a Portmanteau of Charity and Mugger, two words which didn't used to be seen together.  They are those uber-friendly people who attempt to catch your eye with a manic grin whilst you pretend to send an urgent text.   I resent being chugged wholeheartedly.  I am polite and I say "no thank you!" loudly and clearly -   I smile, but I never stop.  I will choose which charity I donate to and I won't be choosing whilst I'm trying to buy some new bloody shoes!!! 


  1. Really wish there was a Mix at Coles near me, looks like some great stuff. Obviously we are not fashionable enough here in the Redlands, LOL!

    1. Janet it's taken ages for Mix to appear in my local Coles! I kept campaigning via their website, lol!!

  2. Sydney Shop Girl shared some of the Mix looks earlier this week, and now you've finally motivated me to google where I can get them from in Brisbane. Might have to head on over to West End or the city soon. I am loving black and white at the moment. x

  3. I've tried MIX and thought it was great for the price. Love the monochrome pieces x K

  4. Hmmm I did not know that Coles did Mix. Great prices and the clothing looks good too. That jacket did look great on you! Jo xx

  5. As you already know; that gorgeous, extremely 'cheap as Coles chips' jacket is in my wardrobe waiting for the mercury to drop...LOVE it! xx

  6. One of the conditions of me going to the UK, apart from a trip to the V&A, is a shopping trip. To the supermarkets. I just love to stock up for Boyo and me on quality great value basics and even some showpony pieces. There's no Mix near me either, but I have bought online before and returned in store. Bit harder to sneak it into the grocery budget then though ;)

  7. I'm have seen some great stuff at Coles Mix. I have one of their black stretch tanks and its the best I have ever bought, i like it more than an Intimo Modal one I tried on that was going to set me back $90 and the Mix one was $12, seriously (and not on sale!). I really need to stock up, especially with that sale, score! :)


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