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I dare you! Or rather - Fox in Flats Does!

Have you checked out the stylishly substantial blog, Fox in Flats?  It really is quite a mouthful.  Each bite is filled with fashion, humour, beauty and lots of lifestyle tips - a smorgasbord of all things lovely.

My favourite part of Fox in Flats are the style dares.  I've not actually joined in before but this month, I'm throwing caution (and my staple stripy tees) to the wind and getting on board.  I missed day one (oops) as March caught me by surprise but I was there for day two with the dare, which was braids.  Too easy for me actually, as I braid my hair on a regular basis.

Today's dare was more difficult - how do you wear red lipstick to a tee ball carnival without looking like you're on the walk of shame??  I toned it down by teaming it with no other make-up except my SPF, naturally curly hair and some sunnies to hide from, well, the sun!

Can you please try and ignore the fact that my hair has more different colours that Jacob's Coat?  I'm desperate to get it done!

Anyway, these are the dares - what do you think??

Do any of them particularly scare you?  I'm not sure about day 9 - angelic??  Do you fancy getting on board - I DARE YOU!!!


I love getting comments!

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