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Celebrity Style Crush - Emmanuelle Alt

I've been thinking about doing a few Celebrity Style Crush posts recently and there's been one thing that's stopped me.  The weather.  Does that sound a little odd?  I'll explain.

Lots of the fabulous fashionistas that I like to drool over live in a far cooler climate than I - New York, maybe, or even good old England.  So, as much as I love their style, it's really difficult to try and integrate it into mine when a lot of the time it's too hot to wear much more than a sundress or shorts.

However, today, I'm shoving my misgivings aside as I can keep this crush in no longer.  IF I lived in a cooler country and IF I had her show pony legs, my style would be all about Emanuelle Alt.

If you've not heard of the evocative Emanuelle, she is the editor-in-chief or Vogue, Paris.  With a job like that, you're going to look pretty damn fabulous, hey?

And yes, she does always look fabulous, but not in that overdone "look at my designer clothes" kind of way.  Her uniform is understated, ridiculously French and as chic as chic can be.  I'm fascinated by the fact that, even though she always wears really similar pieces, she always looks quite different.

I've wasted spent a while analysing her style and I've come up with the following "style rules" should you wish to be an "Alt" too.  I'm not entirely sure how it translates when it's 38 degrees outside - I can't see her rocking shorts and Havs, can you?
  • Skinny is the look for legs, harem pants at a push.  To keep this look feminine, she flashes a bit of ankle and plenty of toe cleavage when wearing shoes, and frequently wears peep-toe boots.  Even when wearing ankle boots, the trousers are still cuffed to create a bit of interest and show off her boots.
  • Alt is the master of the half tuck - shirt or tee tucked in at the front, and left loose at the back. It's the ideal way to wear a boyfriend-shaped top but still show off your waistline.
  • Blazers, denim jackets, motorbike leathers - all staples in Alt's wardrobe.  Again, to flash a bit of flesh, she rolls sleeves or pushes them up to show her wrists.
  • Classic pieces, like Breton stripy tees, navy blazers with gold buttons,  and denim shirts are kept looking modern by her uber-casual hair (it NEVER looks overdone) and the fact that she never seems to be wearing a scrap of make-up.

Emmanuelle Alt is just the epitome of easy, stylish dressing for me.  The fact that's she's a few years older than me is a bit of a plus point too.

I'm going to be doing more of these Style Crushes, particularly focussing on those celebrities that are still looking amazing over 40.  Do you have any style crushes that you'd like to share with me?


  1. Housewife in Heels5 March 2014 at 18:03

    I quite like Emmanuelle, but I wish she'd shock everyone with a dress once in a while!

  2. Love her style, thanks for sharing. Also love Gwen Stefani for 40+ edginess and Olivia Palermo for "polite" chic. K xx

  3. I love her! I emulate the rolled cuff thing with ankle boots but unfortunately don't have the long long legs! Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday! xx

  4. Love her style, she definitely has found a good thing & stuck to it. My style icons tend to waiver, but I do love that classic look with a signature twist that the Europeans seem to do so well.

  5. There are some good sides to being famous, like you can use that fame to get projects you might not normally get. One should take advantage of this.


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