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Ten Dollar Treats || The New Mascara You Can't Live Without

Some things in life are better left natural:

  • Dogs - stop shaping them into living topiary
  • Jeans - if we'd needed embellishment on our denim, god would've given us bedazzling kits at birth
  • Babies - stop with the giant crocheted headbands.  It's a baby, not a My Little Pony.

Some things, however looks decidedly better when we give mother nature a little hand:

  • Eyebrows - no more needs to be said about this...unless it's to your husband then you can't be vocal enough about his monobrow
  • Legs - we all look better with a little fake tan, no?
  • Eyelashes - when we were little, everyone told us that our eyelashes were "soooo long!" and "you look like a cow with those lashes".  Now, well, I don't hear that so often

I don't know about you, but my lashes and I don't exactly see eye to eye (geddit?) anymore.  They are looking a little thin on the ground to say the least, and they don't exactly graze my browbones anymore either.

Sonia from Sonia Styling told us previously on the blog her tricks to get full, luscious lashes, and I've posted plenty of times about mascara.

Enter, stage left, the new mascara from Rimmel.  This little beauty is currently an incredulous ten bucks at Priceline.  After the promotion, it goes up to a very reasonable $16.95.

I've been using the old Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara for a few months now and it's really good, so when I saw this new "Rockin' Curves" one, it was just too difficult to resist.

Pretty Package huh?

The brush is described as a broken heart, which my brain is finding difficulty in computing.  It just looks like a wiggle to me.  However, it does hug the base of the lashes really well and coats the lashes beautifully.  

The "broken heart" brush....

The consistency is nicely thick without being gloopy and you don't seem to get that "glob" of mascara stuck to the end of the brush that you do with some.

The end result can be seen below,  I did three coats in the final picture and this is exactly how I like to wear my mascara - dramatic!

How do you wear your mascara?  Big and dramatic, like me, or are you a natural girl (FREAK!!!!!).

If you find a Ten Dollar Treat that you'd like to share with us, post a pic on Instagram and tag it #tendollartreats.  I might even feature it in the weeks to come.


  1. If you're going to wear mascara, you might as well make it pop! Love it! I trialled this yesterday and got amazing results too. Can't believe how well it wore too. Wearing a designer brand today and fallout everywhere. Back to cheap and cheerful for me I think!

    I love luscious lashes! x

  2. PS - I'm doing a post for this mascara too, so I'll link you up, if that's OK? x

  3. I've heard about the release of this mascara and seen a few other beauty bloggers trying it out. Looks fab! Might put this on my "wish list" especially seeing how cheap it is!

  4. Yep, it's the mutts nuts! Very pleased with it, and it stayed in place all day too, which is unusual given my "highly attractive" oily lids....

  5. Funny isn't it? I used to wear YSL Faux Cils but I honestly think this is just as good and for a quarter of the price, what's not to love? And yes, please link me up! :)

  6. Sophisticated Mumma8 February 2014 at 17:45

    Well the brush looks interesting and I'm deffo going to try this one. If you curl your lashes first then I'm sure they'd almost, yes almost! Pass as falsies!

  7. I have a phobia of eyelash curlers, as you can probably tell. I'm terrified I'll rip my eyelashes out!


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