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Kimonos || Four Super Stylish Ways to Wear Yours

I'm having a bit of a love affair with Kimono style jackets at the moment.  I've longed for one for what seems like forever, but only recently found one that wasn't too floral for me.  I did dally with the below beauty from Target, which is now a very reasonable $20, but decided it was just to pale to mix with enough things in my wardrobe.

Kimono Jacket, Target, $20

The one I'm wearing in the photo below is from W Lane, a shop I've never frequented, but this was on the sale rail outside at an incredible $10, instead of $69 and I was sold.

All we did was hang out at the park with friends, but it was so nice to be wearing something to keep my shoulders covered, so that I didn't have to worry about catching too much sun.  AND, if you've not been keeping on top of your tricep dips during the school holidays, a kimono is a great way to keep them under wraps, whilst staying cool.

I've been thinking about various ways to wear my new kimono jacket as it seems like it's such a versatile piece.  The lightness of the fabric (they're usually a very fine silk or faux chiffon) makes them perfect for warm weather wear.

1. With shorts and a tee

Photo Credit:Peacock Feather Events

2. With a little black dress
Image from Pinterest

3.  With boyfriend jeans and an attitude

Image from Pinterest

4.  Over swimwear for a bit of boho babe action

Image from Pinterest

If you don't already have one of these versatile beauties in your wardrobe, here's a rundown of the ones that've caught my eye recently - all under $100 a piece.

ASOS | $60

Dorothy Perkin | approx $40

Sportsgirl | $89

ASOS | $53

Have you caught onto the Kimono trend yet, and what do you wear yours with?


  1. I don't have a kimono yet, but after reading your post I think I might need to get one into my wardrobe asap! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. I'm feeling I need another one in my wardrobe too!

  3. They are great, I think, for adding some colour to an outfit!

  4. I ought one late last year and I've worn it with a fitted tee and jeans, tank top & jeans and tank top and a denim skirt. I can't wait for the weather to cool down just a teeny tiny little bit, so that if an wear it again!

  5. Yes, yes, it's too hot to wear more than one layer still!


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