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A First Look at Trends for Autumn Winter 2014

Yes, yes, I know we're all still sweltering in 35 degree heat and sliding out of our Havs, but cooler weather really is on it's way.  Honestly.

A few of the major retailers are holding their Autumn/Winter fashion shows with their predictions of what we're going to be wearing when the cold weather hits.

There's nothing outrageous or even particularly outstanding, but here are my five top predictions that are easy-peasy to work into your wardrobe - in fact you probably have a few of them already!

Have a grey day!

A while back I wrote about the fact that pink would be a major trend once we starting donning our winter clothes, well, I think I was completely wrong!  This trend hit the high street big style in the UK but doesn't seem to be translating this side of the world.  It appears that it will be grey that we're all wearing.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love grey, and I already have lots of it in my wardrobe, but is it really a trend?  Apparently, it'll be all about luxe fabrics but by the time this has filtered down to the high street, luxe ends up being polyester satin and acrylic mixes.

The perfect grey dress

Putting on an accent (colour!) - jewel colours

Last year, we were all about Emerald Green, and the precious stone theme continues for next season with all glimmering jewel shades being touted as our accent colours of choice.  Amethyst purple, ruby red, citrine orange and sapphire blue (or cobalt) will be seen in all the stores.

Jessica Gomes in a jaw dropping orange jacket from designer Bianca Spender for David Jones.  Image Credit: Getty Images

Ruby Red Kardashian Courts - on sale at David Jones || $76.96

Cobalt Blue Celine Crossbody bag, David Jones || $119

Leather leggings and man size cashmere sweaters

I've got to admit that I'm a bit "errr, what?" at this one.  I'm pretty sure I've been seeing the cool girls wearing this outfit for travelling/shopping/pedicures/school pick ups for the past 12 months.  Why it is now news, I'm not entirely sure.  However, I do like leather leggings (hot tip: wear with a top long enough to cover your modesty - wherever on your body your modesty may lie!)

The glamourous girls from They All Hate Us

Sophisticated Animal Prints

Oh, come on!!  EVERYONE is already wearing animal print.  Once a trend has hit Kmart, you can pretty much guarantee that it's not cutting edge, or even vaguely original anymore (and I LOVE Kmart!).  So telling me that animal print will be a trend for Winter seems like such a cop out to me.

I'm not even going to post an image to illustrate this one as I'm pretty sure you know what animal print looks like already.

And finally....Dora has her day

Yes, the ubiquitous backpack has hit the high street - or at least it will have done by April.

I have a friend who only ever uses a backpack.  She swears that it is the most practical form of bag to carry.  I don't necessarily disagree with this statement, but who wants to be practical all of the time.

I'm going to admit though, that I'm ahead of the game on this, and got this gorgeous buttery leather backpack for my birthday present this month.  It's the perfect size and amazing quality for the money, but I just can't bring myself to carry it on my back like a preschooler.  Instead, I'm slinging it across one shoulder in that insouciance way of a teen that cares not about lower back problems.

Leather Luxe Backpack, ASOS || $153.00

Ok, that's my top five trend forecast for Autumn and Winter and I think I'm a bit disappointed.  What do you think?  Are you excited by animal print, or are you racing out to buy a grey cashmere sweater from the men's department?

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  1. That grey dress is freakin' amazeballs. And the belt...!

    I don't think pink works here in winter - probably feels a bit weirdly summerish? I think pink and grey work beautifully, and that's not our winter - our winter would make it pink and blue.

    And I also think that we embrace the darker, greyer, "wintry" style because we have so little winter that we feel we need to make the most of it - we're not trying to find a little bit of summer, or spring, anywhere because we know it's just around the corner.

    Or I could be just talking out of my hat. (Will they be big again this winter do you think?)


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