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A cautionary tale of thrifting on a hot day.....

I read recently about creating "evergreen" content on your blog.  Evergreen means content that the dear reader will return to time and time again.  I thought long and hard about this and was then presented with the perfect timeless subject this week on a visit to my local Salvo.  I can imagine readers coming back to this post, over and over, purely just to laugh sadistically at the predicament I put myself into.

The background

With the kids being all back at school has meant I've been able to up my exercise routine back to where it was before Christmas.  Wednesday was bicep, back and tricep day, meaning lots of skull-crushers, tricep dips and narrow push-ups.  (If you don't know what any of these are, it is completely uneccessary to know at this juncture).

It is safe to say that when Thursday morning rolled around I was as stiff as an overstarched collar.

The Tale

After dropping said kids off at school, I figured I'd waste spend half an hour having a mooch around my favourite thrift shop before getting home and cleaning house.  It was already reaching 30 degrees outside and the idea of mopping floors wasn't exactly thrilling me.

I'm still having a major moment with emerald green and spotting a beautiful green woven top, with delicate lace shoulders.  Serendipity was smiling down and it was my size, so I hot-footed it to the changing rooms.

The aircon in my local Salvo is not exactly fabulous, so I was already hot and sticky before stripping off.  I got the top over my head, only to find the shoulders were really narrow.  Out of sheer pigheadedness I persevered in getting the top on.  It was just beautiful, but so uncomfortable and I had that horrible sicky feeling that you get when a top cuts into your underarms (is that just me??).

I'm guessing you may be able to work out what happened next.  A combination of the heat, the narrowness of the shoulders and my arm muscles completely shot from yesterday's workout, meant that I could not get out of the top.

Obviously this is not me, but you get the picture.....

Just like when you try an expensive ring on at the jewellers, and then start to panic when it feels tight, I was starting to feel, well, stuck.  I managed to get it up to my shoulders, but then I physically couldn't move it another inch.

The top was wedged across my shoulder blades and I was now so hot and panicky that I felt close to passing out.

At this point, I contemplated shouting for help, and I probably would've done but the only assistant I'd seen was a man of around 75 who would probably be far more uncomfortable helping me than I felt stuck in the bloody top.

God knows how, but after what felt like an hour I managed to get the top over my shoulder blades, using Houdini-like contortions, and finally got the freaking thing off.

The moral of the story

When you're supposed to be mopping floors, be like Michelle Bridges, and Just F**king Do It!!!

Have you had any close calls with evil items of clothing?


  1. I got the visual picture perfectly...I may even just have been spitting and giggling in to my G&T reading this xx

  2. I'm sorry I shouldn't be laughing but I did! And I can totally relate because a similar thing happened to me a few years back. My lesson learned was...never try something you know is too small even for the heck of it.

  3. There's no point this happening if I didn't share it with people! Laugh away, Norlin, laugh away!

  4. I did laugh about it afterwards. Even that hurt my triceps.

  5. I would love to have seen the look on the guys face when he opened the door/curtain - oh to be a fly on the wall in either case! hehe at least you didn't so injury to you or the top :)


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