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The Benefits of Bangs...or....Fringe Benefits

I've mentioned before about my troublesome hair.  It is thick, coarse, curly and generally a bit of a pain in the arse.  It is the kind of hair that people comment on, but is very hard work to make look nice.  Blow drying my hair, to me, is the equivalent of gouging my eyes out with hot spoons. Hate. It.

I've had a fringe on and off pretty much forever.  I periodically remember how much I love a fringe, have it cut in ( like I did in December at the lovely boutique salon, Medousa in Guildford), then I don't go and get it trimmed and end up growing it out.  It normally ends up reaching the tip of my nose before I remember how much I love it and have it cut back in.  It's like Groundhog Day for hair.

the Perfect fringe on zooey dechanel
Fringe Perfection
Seeing as i still have three kids at home on school vaycay, the chances of me getting to a salon are about the same as me swimming to Rottnest.  This week, in a fit of hair angst and Zooey Dechanel envy, I cut it back in myself.  I have done this before, not always successfully either.  I'm really pleased with the results and it got me to thinking of all the advantages having a fringe brings.

1.  It is cheaper than Botox.  When you're over 40, hiding/disguising/eliminating wrinkles becomes a real "thing".  I've never had Botox but wouldnt rule it out.  A fringe disguises this and automatically makes you look younger.

2. It draws attention to your eyes.  As much as I love a statement lip, I can never quite get past the black cat's eyeliner and lots of mascara.  A fringe has the added bonus of focussing attention on your eyes which is never a bad thing.

3. It makes your blow out last longer. I frequently forego washing my hair by just rewashing and styling my fringe and putting the rest in a high bun.  Your hair looks done with minimal effort (my kind of hair!)

4.  You can always pin it back.  If its particularly hot, a fring isn't actually the best.  It sticks to your face and is rather uncomfortable.  On hot days, I either pin it all back, to plait it into a French braid around my hairline, like the pic below.

Fringe Benefits - french braid at the hairline
Kate Hudson sporting a hairline french braid

Pretty much all hair types work with a fringe, though be prepared to spend some time in the morning making it look good (unless you're off to the gym, then invest in a good, wide non-slip hairband).  You need straighteners if your hair is anything other than poker straight.  You also need dry shampoo if your fine is prone to oiliness, to make it last that extra day.

As for face shapes, well most people can wear some type of fringe.  The only caveat is if you have a very round face and/or a small forehead, they're best avoided.

If you need any further convincing, here are some of the most beautiful fringe on the block to swoon over.

Fringe Benefits Collage
Clockwise from Left - Katie Holmes | JLo | Alexa Chung | Olga Kuryenko | Daisy Lower | Kate Moss

Do you have a fringe, and do you find it high maintenance?


  1. Lol, Kate, do you have hair like Rapunzel? I have such ridiculously thick hair that I don't have to worry about thinner ends, but I can see your point.

  2. Haha you and me are hair twins! Add going grey at a rate of knots to that, I was a consistent blue black girl but have recently lashed out and attempted to go blonde. Much to my disappointment its costly and not very nice to my hair but hey, it beats grey in my 30's!

  3. Over the years I have tried ditching my fringe so many times. It took me a while to realise I look better with it...The wrinkle hiding benefits might have lots to do with that though!

  4. Yes, I've tried the blonde thing too and it's tough to maintain, hey? I'm thinking of having (yet) another crack at balayage.

  5. You do look great with a fringe, Bev, I always think that when I see your instagram pics. It's getting to be all about the wrinkle-hiding for me!

  6. I tried a fringe once, it was before hair straighteners and I have think frizzy curly hair. Not a good look and I couldn't wait for the thing to grow out. I often see your fringe and entertain the idea of a revisit but I'm just not game to go there, even with my newly straightened locks.


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